Road Signs

Right Reverse Bend
This sign is used where the nature of the reverse bend is not obvious to approaching traffic and constitutes a hazard. If the first curve is to the right, a right reverse bend shall be used. If the first curve is to the left, a left reverse bend is used.
Road Signs Chart
Driving Theory Test

Traffic Diversion
Lane Closure 3
Compulsory Keep Left
Give Way
Left Reverse Bend
All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
No Stopping or Standing
Y-Intersection 3
Cycle Crossing
Major Road 1
Y-Intersection 2
Slip Road Ahead
Hand Cart Prohibited
Axle Load Limit
Bullock and Hand Cart Prohibited
Straight Prohibited
Compulsory Ahead Turn Right
End Of Dual Carriageway
Series of Bends
Guarded Railway Crossing 50 Meters
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