Road Signs

Guarded Railway Crossing 200 Meters
This sign is used to warn traffic on the approaches to guarded railway crossing. An advance warning sign (with two bars) is installed at a distance of 200 meters and second sign (with one bar) is installed near the crossing.
Road Signs Chart
Driving Theory Test

Dangerous Dip
Compulsory Keep Left
Compulsory Ahead Turn Right
All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
Both Way Prohibited
Traffic Signals
Gap in Median
Guarded Railway Crossing 50 Meters
Traffic Diversion
Right Hand Curve
U-Turn Prohibited
Cycle Prohibited
Overhead Cable
Rough Road
Left Hair Pin Bend
Compulsory Ahead
Start Of Dual Carriageway
Right Hair Pin Bend
Staggered Intersection 1
Restriction Ends
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