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How do I find out about the latest developments for treatment and monitoring of diabetes?
There are a number of resources that are available to inform people with diabetes and others who are interested about diabetes and the latest developments in treatment. These range from published magazines, periodicals, and newsletters to online e-zines and updates. It is important to ensure that the source of information is well informed and reliable. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a nationally or internationally recognized and respected organization. For diabetes in the United States, these include the American Diabetes Association, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Their websites all show links to helpful information on a variety of subjects. Each puts out publications for the lay person, such as Diabetes Forecast (ADA) and Countdown ( JDRF). There are also a number of high quality independent newsletters, including Diabetes-in-Control, DDN On Line, Diabetic LivingOnLine, and Diabetes Digest. The local chapter of the ADA and JDF will be able to direct you to resources unique to your area. Their contact information can usually be found within the website of the parent national organization. Your local hospital, clinic, or doctor's office will generally have, or have access to, a diabetes education program, staffed by certified diabetes educators who are usually nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, or registered dietitians. As a rule, CDEs are well informed on recent developments and on how to find out more about them and are happy to provide this information.
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