Test # 76 [18-Mar-2015]

Pregnant woman needs additional food because ,

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    Believe it or not, the country of Brazil has the second largest army in Latin America and they use the most powerful army in the world in order to keep the countries around them happy. Not in a we re going to take you over way, but more of a kind of stabilising way. For example, ever since 2004, Brazilian armed forces have been stationed in Haiti in an attempt by the United Nations to bring what they call a Stabilisation Mission . But that is just what we love so much about Brazil; for them, an army isn t there to show everyone that you are the strongest military in the world: it is there to ensure that the world is looked after. The Brazilian army in recent years has become more and more involved in constructing roads and bridges, helping out with health care, and even getting involved in schools. You can forget global firepower the Brazilian army is all about global power, full stop. Of all of the tropical nations in the continent of South America, Brazil has developed the world s best deforestation monitoring system. With the help of the army, they are now able to follow any deforestation that occurs, and try to prevent illegal poachers from taking anything precious and natural away from the land. Brazil may not have the strongest military in the world, but we kind of love it, all the same.

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