Test # 14 [15-Jan-2015]

Which of the following factor3 is favourable for the growth of coconut ?

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In the Middle Ages, butchers often killed animals for meat in their shops, then threw the innards out into the street.      .. More >>

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    The Extent of Magnetic Attraction

    Magnets and Currents:
    If a thin sheet of paper or cardboard is laid over a strong, bar-shaped magnet and iron filings are then gently strewn on the paper, the filings clearly indicate the position of the magnet beneath, and if the cardboard is gently tapped, the filings arrange themselves as shown in Figure. If the paper is held some distance above the magnet, the influence on the filings is less definite, and finally, if the paper is held very far away, the filings do not respond at all, but lie on the cardboard as dropped.

    The magnetic power of a magnet, while not confined to the magnet itself, does not extend indefinitely into the surrounding region; the influence is strong near the magnet, but at a distance becomes so weak as to be inappreciable. The region around a magnet through which its magnetic force is felt is called the field of force, or simply the magnetic field, and the definite lines in which the filings arrange themselves are called lines of force.

    The magnetic power of a magnet is not limited to the magnet, but extends to a considerable distance in all directions.

    FIG. - Iron filings scattered over a magnet arrange themselves in definite lines.

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