Drving Rules
50. Rules about animals - Horse riders
Other clothing. You should wear

  • boots or shoes with hard soles and heels
  • light-coloured or fluorescent clothing in daylight
  • reflective clothing if you have to ride at night or in poor visibility
  • Help yourself to be seen
    51. Rules about animals - Horse riders
    At night. It is safer not to ride on the road at night or in poor visibility, but if you do, make sure you wear reflective clothing and your horse has reflective bands above the fetlock joints. A light which shows white to the front and red to the rear should be fitted, with a band, to the rider's right arm and/or leg/riding boot. If you are leading a horse at night, carry a light in your right hand, showing white to the front and red to the rear, and wear reflective clothing on both you and your horse. It is strongly recommended that a fluorescent/reflective tail guard is also worn by your horse.
    52. Rules about animals - Riding
    Before you take a horse on to a road, you should

  • ensure all tack fits well and is in good condition
  • make sure you can control the horse
  • Always ride with other, less nervous horses if you think that your horse will be nervous of traffic. Never ride a horse without both a saddle and bridle.
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