Drving Rules
291. Road works, level crossings and tramways - Level crossings
A level crossing is where a road crosses a railway or tramway line. Approach and cross it with care. Never drive onto a crossing until the road is clear on the other side and do not get too close to the car in front. Never stop or park on, or near, a crossing.
292. Road works, level crossings and tramways - Level crossings
Overhead electric lines. It is dangerous to touch overhead electric lines. You MUST obey the safe height warning road signs and you should not continue forward onto the railway if your vehicle touches any height barrier or bells. The clearance available is usually 5 metres (16 feet 6 inches) but may be lower.
293. Road works, level crossings and tramways - Level crossings
Controlled crossings. Most crossings have traffic light signals with a steady amber light, twin flashing red stop lights (see'Light signals controlling traffic'and'Warning signs') and an audible alarm for pedestrians. They may have full, half or no barriers.

  • you MUST always obey the flashing red stop lights
  • you MUST stop behind the white line across the road
  • Stop when the traffic lights show

  • keep going if you have already crossed the white line when the amber light comes on
  • do not reverse onto or over a controlled crossing
  • you MUST wait if a train goes by and the red lights continue to flash. This means another train will be passing soon
  • only cross when the lights go off and barriers open
  • never zig-zag around half-barriers, they lower automatically because a train is approaching
  • at crossings where there are no barriers, a train is approaching when the lights show
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