Test # 88

The detective story is sometimes called 'whodunit'because the reader has to work ________ who did it, who committed the crime.

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    Rules of Competition

    Know that the winner of a luge competition is determined through a number of qualifying heats. Only one sled will come down the track at any time. The competitors with the shortest time in the qualifying heat compete in the final round.

    Notice that a competitors qualifying time will only count if that competitor finishes the course and is still making bodily contact with the sled.

    Be aware that there are four runs in the qualifying heats of Olympic singles and doubles luge and only two qualifying runs for the same competitions in World Cup and world championship competitions. The qualifying heats of Olympic luge take place over two days.

    Notice that there is a pre determined starting order based on the seedings from previous competitions. You do not need to understand seeding or the reasoning behind this starting order. Just know that it exists.

    Pay attention to the start of each competitors qualifying run. Each racer sits on his sled on the starting ramp and pulls two fixed start handles to set his sled in motion.

    Note that the instant the sled is in motion, the competitor lies prone on her sled.

    Watch for slight changes in the riders body position as he slightly shifts his weight in order to adjust the positioning of his blades against the ice.

    Pay attention to the names of the competitors and to their relative times as the qualifying heats progress. Be aware that the competitor with the fastest final time will win the competition.

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