Test # 86

A man had two dogs: a hound ________ to help him with his sports and another to guard the house.

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  • Ellora Caves


    The architectural splendor is what attracts tourists to this place. Stretching around 2 km and with 34 numerous monasteries and temples, this whole complex is a work of art and brings alive the civilization of the times in ancient India. It is the worlds largest monolithic structure.There are in all 12 Buddhist caves, 17 Hindu caves and 5 Jain temples. Of these, the Hindu caves are the most attractive, due to the intricate design and layout of the structure. The most remarkable is Cave 16, which was constructed in the 8th century. The carvings here are monolithic and have four levels. The structure comprises windows, stairs and doorway. The huge structure of elephants and Nandi bull are mesmerising, to say the least. Various other figures are attractively made, with great skill and passion. The stone carved pillar is a huge attraction among the tourists.Cave 32 is very prominent among the Jain caves as it comprises fine lotus flower carvings and intricately designed ornaments. All the caves belong to the Digambara sect and have fine delayed work of art.

    The Buddhist caves comprise monasteries, living quarters, kitchens, sleeping quarters and many other rooms. There are large multi storied buildings as well. A famous Buddhist cave is Cave 10, which has a huge Buddha statue of 15 feet, in a seated position. It is also called as the Vishwakar+C30ma Cave.The architecture is done on one single rock mountain that has been cut down from above. The craftsmanship is exquisite, far surpassing todays standards. Without proper light in the caves, the intricate work that is done tells us about the dedication and passion with which the artisans worked.

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