Test # 77

I've just received his latest detective novel from the publisher so it's what you might call hot ________ the press.

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    Verbascum thapsiforme
    Great mullein, Aaron’s rod.

    Key Uses:
  • Coughs
  • Irritation and inflammation of the bladder, ears, or respiratory tract
  • Neuralgic pains in the face and teeth
  • Painful colds

    Origin : Native to central and southern Europe and western Asia.

    Background : Greek mythology relates that Odysseus used great mullein to protect himself from Circe, and in the Middle Ages it was thought to be magical. Today it is generally used in herbalism for coughs.

    Preparation : The fresh aerial parts in flower, excluding the woody parts, are finely chopped and steeped in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Verbascum is of most benefit to those who are apathetic, lazy, and easily distracted by the varied thoughts that crowd upon them. The symptoms treated by Verbascum are often associated with painful neuralgic conditions, particularly of the facial area. Typical symptoms include neuralgic pains in the face and teeth, especially on the left side, with severe pain in the cheekbones. Irritation and inflammation of the bladder, ears, or respiratory tract may also be eased by the remedy.
    In addition, Verbascum is given for painful colds with profuse discharge, watery eyes, and a sensation of the ears having been blocked up. The chest may be congested with catarrh, and the voice may be deep and hoarse. Coughs tend to sound hollow, deep, and hoarse, and occur mainly at night. An intake of breath may cause the coughing to die down.

    Symptoms Better : For rising from sitting; for taking a deep breath.

    Symptoms Worse : For drafts; for changes in temperature; for touch; for talking or reading aloud; for biting hard.

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