Test # 57

They're trying very hard to finish in time and they're working ________ the clock.

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    Bosnia & Hercegovina

    For centuries, Sarajevo was on the fault line of religion, culture and history, and in today s capital of Bosnia & Hercegovina, mosques, churches and synagogues all huddle beside each other and the Neretva River. The city has emerged from the dark days of the siege of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996 as an inclusive and collaborative centre for the arts. The annual summer festival Nights of Bascarsija showcases music, art and dance in Sarajevo s compact Ottoman quarter, and the Sarajevo Film Festival is one of Europe s most important. Poignant memories of the Balkan Wars include Mostar s reconstructed bridge. Bosnia & Hercegovina is an emerging adventure tourism destination, with excellent whitewater rafting on the Una and Neretva rivers.

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