Test # 42

The trouble with him is that if you push him too far, he's likely to shout at you and lose his ________ .

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    Three-leafed caper (E), Varuna (H), Varna (H):

    The bark of varuna is a renowned diuretic helping to clear pain and stones from the bladder and kidneys.

    Urinary Its affinity for mutravahasrotas coupled with its bhedaniya property clears urinary deposits and urinary pain in cystitis and inflammation. It clears kidney, ureter and bladder stones. It is also used for other urinary symptoms with urinary incontinence, enuresis, hypotonic, atonic and neurogenic bladder. Used in benign prostatic hyperplasia, cystitis, interstitial cystitis and chronic urinary tract infections. Lymph Its effect on both rasa and medas-dhatu helps to clear inflamed lymphatic nodes, especially in the neck. It also helps to clear fatty deposits from the blood and to reduce lipid cells. Digestion It balances vis.amagni in vata types and directs apana vayu downwards. This helps to clears worms and abdominal distension.

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