Test # 33

I've warned you before that you shouldn't get involved in this matter and you have ________ business discussing it.

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    Muscat Oman

    Compared to its luxury obsessed neighbors like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Muscat is relatively modest. But what it lacks in superlatives and excessive glitz, it makes up for with a beautiful coastline and ancient charms. Plus, Oman remains captivatingly safe, despite the current political environment.?For timid explorers, consider the?Shangri La Barral Jissah Resort, which offers a variety of fine dining restaurants on site. ?",12.jpg,Places to Go in the Last 17 Weeks of 2026 4209,Mexico City,Densely populated?Mexico City?is a rising foodie hot spot, with numerous epicurean events throughout the year, including the upcoming?Wine & Food Festival.?For those more interested in art and history, the Aztec Empires ancient pyramids in?Teotihuacan?are just a stone throws away, as is the former home and current museum dedicated to?Frida Kahlo. ?",13.jpg,Places to Go in the Last 17 Weeks of 2027 4210,Losinj Croatia,This tiny Croatian Island of 7,500 residents sits in the northern Adriatic Sea, connected to the outside world by an even tinier bridge.?Visit for its stunning cerulean waters and charming atmosphere, and stay at the newly opened, former grand residence?Boutique Hotel Alhambra.

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