Test # 28

Ladies and gentlemen it is a very great privilege for me to be asked to make a speech about the bride and her ________ .

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    Connect with instructors early

    After taking online courses in the past, Finley says he assumed his previous experiences would dictate future successes at Wake Forest.I know initially for me, I didnt contact my instructor because I felt like the course was going to be really easy for me, he acknowledges. But after multiple writing assignments were returned to him to revise, he says that he quickly changed his approach to the course and reached out for help.

    Once I started coordinating with my instructor, I realized I needed to change my writing style, Finley says. You have to really stay in contact; its extremely important.

    While instructors are available to help throughout the courses, Finley advises students to also find answers to class questions independently, if possible. Help is available but its not going to be available at the snap of a finger, he says. You cant just think youre going to be able to reach right out with a problem. You have to be willing to go out and find things on your own.

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