Test # 100

I know I ________ do it because I have done it before.

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    Suzuki GSXR600 SRAD

    It was always inevitable that a GSXR600 would make this list, but the choice of which one was a tough call. The 1997 SRAD edged lighter, later models and the perimeterframed earlier machines thanks to styling and technology that elevated them above their rivals at the time and still makes them instantly recognisable today. That humpbacked tail was, if you remember, directly inspired by Suzukis GP machinery of the time, and marked out a real attempt to add some serious windtunneltuned aero to a production 600. The frame was almost unimaginably beefy for its era (and compared to todays finely tuned designs it looks positively girderlike). Still a decent trackday tool today, and a bargain with it.

    Chourishi Systems