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Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

The Supreme Lord said: Now I shall bestow upon you, who are devoid of jealousy and malice, this most hidden treasure in the form of pure devotion beginning with singing or narrating My transcendental glories, and the performance of related divine service
9:1 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Know this knowledge as the supreme wisdom and the supreme hidden treasure. It is perfectly pure, and although beyond the purview of sense perception, it is the object of direct perception (by those senses which are eagerly disposed towards devotional ser
9:2 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O conqueror of the enemy, men who have no faith in this hidden treasure of sublime pure love for Me are unable to reach Me, and thus they remain meandering in this deathly mundane plane.
9:3 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

In an unmanifest manner, I pervade this entire universe, and everything conceivable is situated within Me and yet, I am not situated within that total entity.
9:4 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

And again, that is also not situated in Me. Just behold My inconceivable simultaneous one and different (acintyabhedabheda) nature as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and Lord of the universe! Although My very Self is the mainstay and guard
9:5 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Air, although massively expansive by nature, is always situated within the jurisdiction of space, and yet, air and space remain distinct from one another. Similarly, know that all beings are situated within Me.
9:6 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O son of Kunti, at the universal cataclysm, the multitude of beings are merged in My illusory nature, known as maya. And with the beginning of a new millenium, I create all the distinct species again.
9:7 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

By the agency of My potency of illusory material nature, I repeatedly create all life-forms according to the nature they acquire, which is determined by the results of their fruitive actions and aspirations of ancient bygone ages.
9:8 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

Thoroughly detached and situated indifferently within this exploitative plane of generation, sustenance, and decay, I, O conqueror of wealth, cannot be implicated by the entire universal operation of creation, maintenance, and annihilation.
9:9 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

O Kaunteya, My deluding potency, under My direction gives birth to this universe of moving and stationary beings. And for this reason, that is, since only a created object is subject to destruction, the universe is created again and again.
9:10 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

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