Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

Sanjaya said: The Supreme Lord, Madhusudana, then spoke the following words unto griefstricken Arjuna, who was overwhelmed with compassion and whose sorrowful eyes were brimming with tears.
2:1 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

The Supreme Lord said: O Arjuna, why has such illusion overcome you at this critical moment? This is unbefitting a noble man (Aryan). It is an obstacle to the attainment of heaven, and a destroyer of good name and fame.
2:2 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

O son of Kunti, give up this cowardice, for it does not become you. O great hero, cast off this petty weakness of heart, and arise for battle!
2:3 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

Arjuna said: O Madhusudana, killer of the enemy, how can I counterattack, shooting arrows at my grandsire Bhisma and teacher Drona, who are worthy of my worship?
2:4 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

It is better to live in this world by begging, without taking the lives of our great, noble elders and teachers. Otherwise, by killing them we shall only live in this world to enjoy their wealth and properties tainted with their blood.
2:5 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

We cannot understand which will be better for us victory or defeat because those sons of Dhrtarastra, whom if we killed we should not care to live, now stand before us on the battlefront.
2:6 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

Now I am bewildered. What is my real duty? Overwhelmed by apprehension for the fall of our dynasty, I am begging You to please tell me clearly which course of action is most beneficial for me. I am Your surrendered disciple. Kindly instruct me.
2:7 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

Even if we obtain an unrivaled, expanding empire on Earth and supremacy over the kingdom of heaven, I cannot find anything to allay this sadness which is leaving me senseless.
2:8 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

Sanjaya said: In this way, the chastiser of the enemy, the intensely alert Arjuna, addressed Krsna who is the Lord of the senses of all beings. Then he declared, "Govinda, I will not fight", and fell silent.
2:9 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

O Bharata, thereafter Sri Hrsikesa, in the midst of both armies, smilingly addressed the griefstricken Arjuna as follows:
2:10 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

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