Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

Arjuna inquired: You have now described the devotees who engage in Your exclusive devotional service and worship You (as Syamasundara, Your original humanlike form). You have also mentioned others who concentrate upon the impersonal aspect of the Absolut
12:1 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

The Supreme Lord said: Those who, with unalloyed faith, fully absorb their consciousness in thought of this divine Syamasundara form of Mine, and worship Me constantly by the path of exclusive devotion, are definitely the most superior knowers of divine
12:2 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

However, those who fully control their senses, adopt the vision of equality towards everything, engage in deeds for the welfare of all beings, and engage in the worship of the indefinable, formless, attributeless, neverincreasing, neverdecreasing, allper
12:3 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

Observe 3.
12:4 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

Persons whose minds are attached to the impersonal Brahman undergo excessive tribulation, because for embodied souls, the means and end of impersonalism is attained in an unhappy way.
12:5 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

But those who offer their every action unto Me, take refuge in Me alone, think of Me constantly in pure devotion unadulterated by exploitation or renunciation, and who thus worship and adore Me O Partha, I swiftly deliver those devoted souls from the dea
12:6 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

Observe 6.
12:7 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

Therefore, steady your mind exclusively upon Me Syamasundara and remember Me constantly. When your intelligence has thus become reposed in Me, you will definitely reside with Me after death. Of this there is no doubt.
12:8 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

O Dhananjaya, and if you cannot establish your mind in Me with firm faith, then try to reach Me by the repeated practice of remembering Me.
12:9 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

If you are ineffective in that practice as well, then engage devoutly in actions related to Me. You will surely attain to perfection even when engaged in actions, as long as they are conducted for My satisfaction and based on devotionally hearing and cha
12:10 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

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