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Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

The Supreme Lord said: O mighty-armed Arjuna, hear My divine exposition once again. Only desiring the ultimate benefit for you, who are very dear to Me, shall I speak.
10:1 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Neither the demigods nor the great sages can understand My unique, superexcellent, divine birth in this world, because in all respects I am the primeval origin of all those celestial beings and great sages.
10:2 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

One who knows Me, the son of Devaki, as birthless, the origin of everything, and the Supreme Lord of all beings, is undeluded among men, and liberated from all sins.
10:3 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Intelligence, knowledge, peacefulness, forbearance, truthfulness, external sense-control, internal sense-control, happiness, unhappiness, birth, death, fear, courage, non-violance, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame, and infamy all these
10:4 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Observe 4.
10:5 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

The seven great sages headed by Marici, and preceding them, the four brahminical sages headed by Sanaka, and also the fourteen Manus or progenitors headed by Svayambhuva all are empowered by Me and are born of My mental expansion, Lord Brahma who is know
10:6 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

One who is factually in knowledge of My almighty supremacy and devotional service, engages in My service, due to his resolute, absolute conception. Of this there is no doubt.
10:7 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

I am Krsna, the Sweet Absolute, I am the root cause of the allcomprehensive aspect of the Absolute, the all-permeating aspect of the Absolute, and also the personal aspect of the Absolute the Master of all potencies, who commands the respect of everyone
10:8 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Those surrendered devotees take Me as their life and soul, and go on discussing My ambrosial narrations among one another exchanging the ecstasies of devotion unto Me. They constantly relish the nectar of their realized divine relationships with Me in th
10:9 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

To those devotees who are constantly dedicated to Me, and who engage in My service out of their love for Me, I bestow the internal divine inspiration by which they can approach Me and render various intimate services unto Me.
10:10 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

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