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Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

Dhrtarastra said: O Sanjaya, what did my sons and the sons of Pandu do, after assembling for battle at the holy place of Kuruksetra?
1:1 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Sanjaya said: Looking over the Pandavas' soldiers and armies arrayed in military formation, King Duryodhana approached Dronacarya and spoke as follows:
1:2 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

O master, please observe the great armies of the Pandavas, arrayed in military formation by your intelligent disciple, Dhrstadyumna.
1:3 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Among these soldiers are the expert bowmen Bhima and Arjuna, as well as others who are equally expert, such as Satyaki, King Virata, the great fighter Drupada, Dhrstaketu, Cekitana, the mighty hero Kasiraja, Purujit, Kuntibhoja, the noble King Saibya, va
1:4 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Observe 4.
1:5 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Observe 5.
1:6 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

O best of the twice-born, please also be informed of the great heroes and leaders of our armies. I shall now fully describe them for your consideration.
1:7 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Besides your worthy self, who are always victorious in battle, and Bhisma, Karna, Krpacarya, Asvatthama, Vikarna, Saumadatti (Bhurisrava), and Jayadratha, there are many other heroes who are expert in the art of warfare; they are all armed with various w
1:8 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Observe 8.
1:9 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Our army, headed by Bhisma, is inadequate, whereas the army of the Pandavas, protected by Bhima, is competent.
1:10 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

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