Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

In this way, constantly absorbing his mind in the yoga of meditation (dhyana-yoga), the yogi whose heart has been purged of sensual desires achieves emancipation from mundanity by attaining to the nondifferentiated Brahman, the effulgence that emanates f
6:15 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

Observe 20.
6:23 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

O Bharata, you should also know Me as the knower of all spheres of action (as the Supersoul situated within the heart of all living beings). Such fundamental and essential knowledge of the sphere of action and the knowers of that sphere (knowledge of the
13:3 | The Predominated and the Predominator : Prakrti-purusa-viveka-yoga

Nor do I see any good in killing my own relatives in this battle. O Krsna, I have no desire for victory, kingdom, or happiness.
1:31 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

O Bharata, surrender unto Him in all respects. By His grace you will attain the supreme peace and the eternal abode.
18:62 | The Supreme Goal of Divine Freedom : Moksa-yoga

Without performing scripturally enjoined duties, one cannot attain knowledge leading to freedom from action and reaction. How can a person of impure heart obtain perfection by abandoning his prescribed duties?
3:4 | The Path of Action : Karma-yoga

Seeing that amazing form, wonderstruck Arjuna, his whole body tingling in ecstasy, bowed his head in obeisance to Lord Krsna, the Supreme God of all gods. His hands folded in prayer, Arjuna began to speak.
11:14 | The Vision of the Universal Form : Visva-rupa-darsana-yoga

Air, although massively expansive by nature, is always situated within the jurisdiction of space, and yet, air and space remain distinct from one another. Similarly, know that all beings are situated within Me.
9:6 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

With the approach of his day, all progeny along with their respective bodies, senses, enjoyable objects, provincial locations and associated paraphernalia are born from Lord Brahma, who has arisen from his slumber. And again at nightfall, they are absorb
8:18 | The Path of Absolute Freedom : Taraka-brahma-yoga

And certainly I am everyone's goal, maintainer, controller, witness, refuge, guardian, and unconditional well-wisher. I am creation, dissolution, and sustenance. I am the reservoir and the seed, as the eternal Supreme Person.
9:18 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

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