Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

O Partha, such a battle, present of its own accord like the open gates of heaven, can be gained only by the most fortunate warriors.
2:32 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

Of the Daityas (descendants of Diti) I am Prahlada Maharaja, and of subjugators I am time. Among all the animals I am the lion, and of the birds I am Garuda.
10:30 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Happiness of the nature of passion is said to be that which is born from the contact of the senses with their objects, and which in the beginning is perceived as nectar, but subsequently realized to be just like poison.
18:38 | The Supreme Goal of Divine Freedom : Moksa-yoga

For a person who eats, relaxes, and exerts himself in all duties in a regulated way, and who keeps regular hours in proper measure, the practice of yoga gradually becomes the source of dispelling all worldly suffering.
6:17 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

His heart united with the infinite consciousness, that master of yoga perceives consciousness in all beings. He sees the Supreme Soul within everyone, and everyone within the Supreme.
6:29 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

One who knows Me, the son of Devaki, as birthless, the origin of everything, and the Supreme Lord of all beings, is undeluded among men, and liberated from all sins.
10:3 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

O Krsna, descendant of the Vrsni dynasty, when the family is thus predominated by irreligion, the women of the family become depraved, and from adultery, unwanted and unvirtuous progeny is born.
1:40 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

The living being must be delivered from the dark well of material life by means of the mind detached from sense objects, and he must never in any way be flung down into the material world by the mind enchanted by sense objects because the mind is sometim
6:5 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

The Supreme Lord said: O Arjuna, why has such illusion overcome you at this critical moment? This is unbefitting a noble man (Aryan). It is an obstacle to the attainment of heaven, and a destroyer of good name and fame.
2:2 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

O Krsna! No one but You can dispel this doubt of mine. Please mercifully slash it at the root.
6:39 | The Path of Meditation : Dhyana-yoga

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