15442. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : mudumalai sanctuary
Place : nilgiris
State : tamil nadu.

15443. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : nal sarovar bird sanctury
Place : ahmedabad
State : gujarat.

15444. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : palamau tiger sanctuary
Place : daltonganj
State : bihar.

15445. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : periyar sanctuary
Place : idduki
State : kerala.

15446. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : ranganthittoo bird sanctuary
Place : sawai madhopur
State : rajasthan.

15447. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : ranthambhor tiger sanctuary
Place : sawai madhopur
State : rajasthan.

15448. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : similipal tiger sanctuary
Place : mayurbhanj
State : orissa.

15449. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : sultanpur lake bird sanctuary
Place : gurgaon
State : haryana.

15450. Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary : sunderbans tiger sanctuary
Place : 24-parganas
State : west bengal.

15451. World Record Facts
At a single meal, obese New Yorker Walter Hudson could eat: 12 doughnuts, 10 packets of crisps, 8 Chinese take-aways and half a cake!

15452. World Record Facts
Charles Osbourne, from Iowa, USA, hiccupped every 1.5 seconds for 69 years and then suddenly stopped.

15453. World Record Facts
The most expensive coffee in the world is made with coffee beans recovered from the faeces of the civet, a type of wild cat from Sumatra.

15454. World Record Facts
Peter Dowdeswell of the UK ate a three-course meal in a record 45 seconds in 1999. He ate oxtail soup, mashed potatoes, baked beans and sausage, and then prunes.

15455. World Record Facts
Natasha Verushka of the USA holds the record for sword-swallowing; she swallowed 13 swords at a convention in 2004.

15456. World Record Facts
The biggest cockroach in the world is the Madagascan hissing cockroach. It can grow to 9 centimetres (3.5 inches) as long as an adult's finger.

15457. World Record Facts
Monte Pierce of the USA can flick a coin 3.3 metres (10 feet 10 inches) with his earlobes.

15458. World Record Facts
The black-headed sea snake found north of Australia in the Timor Sea is 100 times more deadly than the most poisonous snake on land.

15459. World Record Facts
Leonardo d'Andrea from Italy smashed 32 watermelons with his head in 1 minute in 2005.

15460. World Record Facts
Marc Quinquandon, from France, set a world record by eating 144 snails in 11 minutes. He beat his own record when he ate 72 snails in 3 minutes, but he died soon afterwards.

15461. World Record Facts
Kevin Cole from the USA shot a strand of spaghetti out of his nose a distance of 19 centimetres (7.5 inches) in 1998.

15462. World Record Facts
The biggest beetle in the world is the dung-eating Goliath beetle it's about the size of a hamster!

15463. World Record Facts
The loudest recorded scream was 129 decibels, made by Jill Drake of the UK at a Halloween celebration in 2000.

15464. World Record Facts
In 2005, Matthew Henshaw from Australia swallowed a sword 40.5 centimetres (15.9 inches) long, and hung a sack of potatoes weighing 20 kilograms (44 pounds 5 ounces) on its handle for 5 seconds.

15465. World Record Facts
In 1998, 13 year-old Daniel Canal of Miami, USA, received 12 transplanted organs in only 3 weeks.

15466. World Record Facts
By March 2005,American Donald Gorske had eaten 20,500 Big Macs. He has eaten at least one a day for 33 years.

15467. World Record Facts
Gordon Cates of the USA holds the record for kissing poisonous snakes. He kissed 11 cobras in 1999.

15468. World Record Facts
A Japanese woman holds the record for having most worms removed from her stomach; doctors removed a total of 56 in 1990.

15469. World Record Facts
A woman who worked on smelly feet in a testing laboratory had to smell 5,600 feet over 15 years.

15470. World Record Facts
Danny Capps holds the record for spitting a dead cricket out of his mouth, reaching a distance of 9.17 metres (30 feet).

15471. World Record Facts
Michael Lloyd of the USA holds the record for kicking himself in the head 42 times in a row!

15472. World Record Facts
Tom Shufflebottham charmed 511 worms out of the ground at a worm-charming championship in England in 1980.

15473. World Record Facts
In 1997, an Egyptian boy of 16 was found to have his unborn identical twin growing inside him. It had died at about 32–33 weeks old and was 45 centimetres (18 inches) long.

15474. World Record Facts
Norman Gary of the USA held 109 live honey bees in his mouth for 10 seconds in 1998.

15475. World Record Facts
Hu Saelao of Thailand has not cut his hair for more than 70 years.

15476. World Record Facts
The two smelliest substances are gross gases which the US government is investigating as possible weapons.They would be used to break up crowds without harming people. One is called ‘Who Me?' and the other ‘The US Government Standard Bathroom Malodor'.

15477. World Record Facts
Ciro Gallo of the UK holds the record for having concrete blocks broken on his chest with a sledge hammer, while lying on a bed of nails – 37 blocks weighing a total of 235.8 kilograms (519.8 pounds).

15478. World Record Facts
Ken Edwards of the UK ate 36 live cockroaches in one minute on a breakfast TV show in 2001.

15479. World Record Facts
The longest-lasting operation took 96 hours and was carried out in Chicago, USA, in 1951 to remove a giant tumour.

15480. World Record Facts
Dustin Phillips of the USA can drink a whole bottle of tomato ketchup through a straw in only 33 seconds.

15481. World Record Facts
Shridhar Chillal grew his fingernails for 44 years without cutting them. Their average length was 117 centimetres (46 inches), and his thumbnail was 132 centimetres (52 inches).

15482. World Record Facts
In 1999, American Scott Jeckel shot a marshmallow 4.96 metres (16.27 feet) out of his nose, with his friend Ray Perisin catching it in his mouth.

15483. World Record Facts
Robert Earl Hughes of Illinois, USA had the largest chest measurement ever recorded. He was 3.15 metres (10 feet 4 inches) around the chest when he died, aged 32. He weighed 484 kilograms (1,067 pounds).

15484. World Record Facts
The smallest fully-grown adult ever to live was Gul Mohammed of India, who was 57 centimetres (34.5 inches) tall at the age of 33 and weighed only 17 kilograms (37.5 pounds).

15485. World Record Facts
In 1976, American Jon Brower Minoch weighed 635 kilograms (1,400 pounds). He was so fat that it took 12 firemen to lift him out of his house when he fell ill, and 13 nurses to turn him over in bed. In fact, he had two beds strapped together as one wasn't big enough to hold him. He once put on 89 kilograms (196 pounds) in a single week.

15486. World Record Facts
The record for spitting a mouthful of tobacco is 16.23 metres (53 feet 3 inches), set in 1997.

15487. World Record Facts
The longest recorded eyebrow hair was 7.8 centimetres (3.1 inches) long.

15488. World Record Facts
The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish.Treading on its spines causes a painful death in 20 minutes.

15489. World Record Facts
A hairball weighing 2.53 kilograms (5 pounds 3 ounces) was removed from the stomach of a 20 year-old English woman in 1895.

15490. World Record Facts
The worst epidemic of all time was the Black Death – a plague carried by fleas that live on rats – which killed 75 million people in Europe and Asia between 1347 and 1351.

15491. World Record Facts
The largest ever kidney stone a solid mass of mineral that collects inside the kidneys – weighed 356 grams (12.5 ounces). It was removed from a man in Australia in 2003.



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