10352. Fact
Trueman Capote the man who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's had the middle name of Stucklefuss.

1209. Fact
A rat can go without water longer than a camel can.

9099. Fact
In 1948 and 1950 the oldest ears of popping corn were discovered. They were located in the Bat Cave of west central New Mexico. They ranged in size from smaller than a penny to approximately two inches, and were about 4,000 years old

4894. Fact
It takes the Hubble telescope about 97 minutes to complete an orbit of the Earth. On average, the Hubble uses the equivilent amount of energy as 30 household lightbulbs to complete an orbit.

7046. Fact
An elephant may consume 500 pounds of hay and 60 gallons of water in a single day.

1020. Fact
Michael jackson's song billy jean was the first musical video shown on mtv that was made by an african-american performer.

574. Fact
A lightning bolt is not very wide - usually between 1 to 2 inches but it can be up to 6 inches in width. Its length is much more dazzling - often between 328 yards and 2 miles long.

7074. Fact
A housefly can only ingest liquid material. They regurgitate their food to liquify the food that they are going to eat

6582. Fact
Pamela Lee-Anderson was the first to be born in Canada on the centennial anniversary of Canada's independence (7/1/1967).

8723. Fact
In the United States, approximately 25,000 eye injuries occur that result in the person becoming totally blind

2389. Fact
the human tooth has about 55 miles of canals in it.

8221. Fact
In Massachusetts you must have a license to wear a goatee.

9097. Fact
Worldwide, the most common environmental allergy is dust.

4828. Fact
80% of all pictures on the internet are of naked women

6217. Fact
In 1783, the hot air balloon was invented in France.

2678. Fact
U.S. President Calvin Coolidge liked to eat breakfast while having his head rubbed with vaseline.

8852. Fact
The three most valuable brand names on earth Marlboro, Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

4923. Fact
On record, the largest iceberg ever, was larger than the country of Belgium.

7158. Fact
Sharks are capable of surviving on average six weeks without eating. The record observed in an aquarium is fifteen months by a species of shark known as the swell shark.

2063. Fact
one year contains 31,557,600 seconds.

4495. Fact
The patron saint of dentists is St. Apollonia. She reportedly had her teeth pulled out in 249 AD by an anti-Christian mob.

7965. Fact
Any free moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere, because of its surface tension

5679. Fact
Dolphins don't automatically breath; they have to tell themselves to.

3958. Fact
Roughly 42% of people in the United Kingdom snore

6356. Fact
SWIMS is the longest word with 180-degree rotational symmetry (if you were to view it upside-down it would still be the same word and perfectly readable).

6995. Fact
You blink about 25,000 times a day.

395. Fact
A diplomatic emissary accredited to the country and holding position below that of an ambassador.

5836. Fact
The amount American Airlines saved in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class: $40,000.

6623. Fact
The rarest coffee in the world is Kopi Luwak, which is found in Indonesia. It cost about $300 a pound

10132. Fact
Whitcomb L. Judson, the inventor of the zipper, originally intended his invention to save people the trouble of buttoning and unbuttoning their shoes every day. He named it the Clasp locker and unlocker for shoes.

5022. Fact
There are approximately 75,000,000 horses in the world

407. Fact
Lok pal
An official appointed by the president to investigate public complaints against ministers and high officials.

8148. Fact
In the year 2000, there were approximately 11,000 injuries that were treated in a hospital in the U.S. that resulted from fireworks

4602. Fact
The word maverick came into use after Samuel Maverick, a Texan refused to brand his cattle. Eventually any unbranded calf became known as a Maverick.

8307. Fact
The state law of Pennsylvania prohibits singing in the bathtub.

5298. Fact
Nerve impulses for muscle position travel at a speed of up to 390 feet per second

9633. Fact
The iron disulfide (Pyrite) is considered fool's gold because it looks very similar to gold.

7343. Fact
There is a street in Canada that runs for a distance of nearly 1900 kms.

6092. Fact
In Bromide, Oklahoma it is illegal for children to use towels as capes and jump from houses pretending to be superman.

3816. Fact
People will swallow about 8 spiders in their lifetime.

2793. Fact
166,875,000,000 pieces of mail are delivered each year in the United States.

6997. Fact
The only food cockroaches won't eat are cucumbers.

4055. Fact
Crocodiles never outgrow the pool in which they live.

1554. Fact
every single hamster in the U.S. today comes from a single litter captured in Syria in 1930.

6289. Fact
Most snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both female and male reproductive organs

8105. Fact
The leading cause of poisoning for children under the age of six in the home is liquid dish soap

4229. Fact
Another way to say every 9 years is Novennial

10358. Fact
Top corporate executives take separate planes in case one crashes.

3148. Fact
An ostrich egg would take four hours to hard boil.

716. Fact
Many hamsters blink only one eye at a time.



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