1056. Fact
2/3 of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

10631. Fact
A common drink for Tibetans is Butter Tea which is made out of butter, salt, and brick tea

7819. Fact
Over 90% of poison exposures occur in homes

5029. Fact
Gilligan of Gilligan's Island had a first name that was only used once, on the never-aired pilot show. His first name was Willy.

166. Fact
The seeds of an indian lotus tree remain viable for 300 to 400 years.

7199. Fact
One quarter of the world's cattle live in India.

10732. Fact
America's best selling ice cream flavor is vanilla.

5513. Fact
Since 1896, the beginning of the modern Olympics, only Greece and Australia have participated in every Games.

9348. Fact
In some parts of the Atacama Desert it has never rained

3963. Fact
Uranus has 27 moons

2720. Fact
When nobody else is around, 47% of people drink straight from the carton.

10155. Fact
One grape vine produce can produce about 20 to 30 glasses of wine

3998. Fact
If the chemical sodium is dropped into water it will immediately and violently explode.

888. Fact
Before michael caine and cher changed their names, they answered to maurice micklewhite and cherilyn sarkisian la piere.

558. Fact
An elephant's brain is five times larger than a human brain.

8928. Fact
The Willamette River in Oregon is the only river on earth that flows it's entire distance north.

3741. Fact
The Pacific Giant Octopus, the largest octopus in the world, grows from the size of pea to a 150 pound behemoth potentially 30 feet across in only two years, its entire life-span.

6412. Fact
Britain's first escalator was installed in Harrods in 1878.

94. Fact
The width of your armspan stretched out is the length of your whole body.

8799. Fact
The name Grey Poupon used for mustard comes from two people: Maurice Grey and Auguste Poupon. Grey was the inventor of a machine that mass produced fine textured mustard, and Poupon was an already established maker of mustard. In 1886 the Grey-Poupon firm was formed

1444. Fact
China grows more pears than any other country in the world.

9394. Fact
There are more Barbie dolls in Italy than there are Canadians in Canada

5039. Fact
There are 35 million digestive glands in the stomach.

6148. Fact
The canning process for herring was developed in Sardinia, which is why canned herrings are better known as sardines.

7364. Fact
About 30% of American admit to talking to their dogs or leaving messages on their answering machines for their dogs while they are away

2082. Fact
Organized crime is estimated to account for 10% of the United States' national income.

2299. Fact
The Battle of New Orleans, in which Andrew Jackson's U.S. forces routed "the bloody british", was fought on Janurary 8, 1815, two weeks after the War of 1812 was officially ended by the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.

8017. Fact
Being lactose intolerant can cause chronic flatulence

9312. Fact
World Tourist day is observed on September 27.

139. Fact
The largest flying animal was the pterosaur which lived 70 million years ago. This reptile had a wing span of 36-39 feet (11-11.9 meters) and weighed 190-250 pounds (86-113.5 kilograms).

4541. Fact
Singer Chaka Khan came out with a line of chocolates called Chakalates.

8568. Fact
The human brain is 80% water

5760. Fact
Toronto was the first city in the world with a computerized traffic signal system

5935. Fact
The odds against a royal flush in poker are exactly 649,739 to 1.

8156. Fact
In 1836 the U.S. government had so much extra money that it repaid all its debts, and still had money left over.

2097. Fact
Pain travels through your body at 350 ft. per second.

2166. Fact
Rubberbands last longer when refrigerated.

5321. Fact
The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1933

2333. Fact
The earth is .02 degrees hotter during a full moon.

10515. Fact
There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long (eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum).

5656. Fact
The name Wendy was made up for the book 'Peter Pan'. It came from the author's friends, whom he called his fwendy (friend)

3055. Fact
All of the clocks in the movie Pulp Fiction are stuck on 4:20

10574. Fact
Most of the vitamin C in fruits is in the skin.

1468. Fact
Contrary to popular belief, the first ironclad warships were built by Korea in the 16th century.

7938. Fact
Red wine will spoil if exposed to light; hence tinted bottles

9556. Fact
An olive tree can live up to 1,500 years.

165. Fact
The female tarantula hawk wasp paralyzes a large spider with her sting. She then lays her eggs on the motionless body so that her developing young have a fresh supply of spider meat to feed on.

10562. Fact
Honeybees use the sun as a compass which helps them navigate

2779. Fact
Your skin is actually an organ.

1603. Fact
Goofy had a wife, Mrs. Goofy, and one son, Goofy jr.



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