8434. Fact
India has the most post offices in the world

3242. Fact
Saudi Arabia covers an area of 830,000 sq. miles, yet there is not a single river in the whole country.

2985. Fact
The largest employer in the world is the Indian railway system in India, employing over 1.6 million people

404. Fact
Hot line
A direct telephone link between the white house and kremlin established in 1963.

6794. Fact
Some desert snails have been known to sleep for three to four years

6977. Fact
There are some types of chocolates that are actually good for the arteries and heart

2161. Fact
Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

4686. Fact
Dandelion root can be roasted and ground as a coffee substitute

5951. Fact
The number 37 will wholly divide (no decimals) into 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999.

5429. Fact
Hockey pucks were originally made from frozen cow dung

10395. Fact
The Academy Award was rumored to have gotten its nickname of Oscar for its resemblance to a film librarian's Uncle Oscar.

2413. Fact
The lining of your digestive system is shed every 3 days.

9496. Fact
The average American consumes 9 pounds of food additives every year.

6742. Fact
There are 293 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

10073. Fact
A chicken once had its head cut off and survived for over eighteen months, headless

575. Fact
Pasta means dough in italian.

5587. Fact
Dogs can't decifer size. Thats why little dogs are mean.

10490. Fact
The term devil's advocate comes from the Roman Catholic Church. When deciding if someone should be sainted, a devil's advocate is always appointed to give an alternative view.

9053. Fact
Truck driving is the most dangerous occupation by accidental deaths (799 in 2001).

2381. Fact
The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado!

6651. Fact
Buffalo wings, got their name because the spicy chicken wings originated in Buffalo, New York

9919. Fact
Chocolate can kill dogs; it directly affects their heart and nervous system.

2160. Fact
Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do. A hummingbird weighs less than a penny

4526. Fact
A whole library floor of books can be stored on 50 Gigabytes.

7040. Fact
In Canada, the most productive day of the workweek is Tuesday

4451. Fact
A cubic yard of air weighs about 2 pounds at sea level.

7650. Fact
The oldest known disease in the world is leprosy

5758. Fact
The first president to have a picture taken was John Quincy Adams

685. Fact
A single thread in a spider's web is as strong as a steel cable of the same size.

4895. Fact
People who chase after rare birds are called twitchers

2350. Fact
The first bomb dropped by the Allies on berlin in WW2 killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

642. Fact
Some octopuses live in such deep water, that it is completely dark all the time. Here it is useless for them to squirt black ink at their enemies to confuse them. Instead, the octopuses emit a cloud of luminous germs that blind their predators.

1040. Fact
1 in 10 Americans don't know that the Sun is a star.

3710. Fact
Cold water weighs more than hot water.

8197. Fact
The word America comes from the European explorer Amerigo Vespucci

2159. Fact
Richest country in the world: Switzerland. Poorest: Mozambique.

6185. Fact
Jaws is the most common name for a goldfish.

731. Fact
Volvo means "i am rolling" in latin.

5868. Fact
The queen of England has two birthdays.

3527. Fact
Depending on the size, it can take an oyster anywhere from few months to many years to form a pearl

5138. Fact
There are more stars than all of the grains of sand on earth.

8981. Fact
The first bath tub to be installed in the white house was during the time of Millard Fillmore.

10056. Fact
The more panels a football has - and therefore the more seams - the easier it is to control in the air.

8674. Fact
There are more than 100 million dogs and cats in the United States. Americans spend more than 5.4 billion dollars on their pets each year.

4387. Fact
1 and 2 are the only numbers where they are values of the numbers of the factors they have.

10719. Fact
On average, 90% of the people that have the disease Lupus are female

903. Fact
The most widely used language in the world is mandarin-chinese, the mother tongue for almost 900 million people. Only 332 million people have english as their mother tongue.

4580. Fact
No one knows who designed the first American Flag.

9432. Fact
The horse shoe crab has blue blood which can be used to kill bacteria

8299. Fact
Proctor & Gamble originally manufactured candles before moving on to soap.



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