8498. Fact
Bulls are colorblind, it is the motion of the cape which angers them.

7969. Fact
From the 1500's to the 1700's, tobacco was prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of ailments including headaches, toothaches, arthritis and bad breath.

6627. Fact
Before toilet paper was invented, French royalty wiped their bottoms with fine linen

4532. Fact
The mola mola or ocean sunfish lays up to 5,000,000 eggs at one time.

2804. Fact
About half of all Americans are on a diet on any given day.

4647. Fact
A cockroach can live nine days without its head before it starves to death.

9107. Fact
The range of a medieval long-bow is 220 yards

1745. Fact
In many cases, the amount of storage space on a recordable CD is measured in minutes. 74 minutes is about 650 megabytes, 63 minutes is 550 megabytes.

4834. Fact
Hedgehogs have the most similar fingerprints to humans.

4856. Fact
The most snow accumulation in a one-day period was 75.8 inches at Silver Lake, Colorado, in April 1921.

839. Fact
Winston churchill was born in a ladies lavatory.

6366. Fact
Snails eat with a rasping mouth called a radula, which has thousands of teeth

2473. Fact
The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"!

2929. Fact
Earl Dean developed the bottle design for Coca-Cola

10316. Fact
By weight, the sun is 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and 0.5% all other elements.

3151. Fact
Watermelons are a popular gift to bring to a host in China or Japan

3502. Fact
A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours.

3165. Fact
The Tonle Sap River in Cambodia flows north for almost half the year and then south for the rest of the year

10227. Fact
Jack is the most common name in nursery rhymes.

3162. Fact
Cranberries are one of just 3 major fruits native to North America. Blueberries and Concord grapes are the other two.

2852. Fact
The names of the two stone lions in front of the New York Public Library are Patience and Fortitude. They were named by then-mayor Fiorello LaGuardia

831. Fact
The earth circles around the sun at a speed of 18.6 miles per second.

7005. Fact
Willow bark, which provides the salicylic acid from which aspirin was originally synthesized, has been used as a pain remedy ever since the Greeks discovered its therapeutic power nearly 2,500 years ago.

9157. Fact
Only 3 words in the English language end in ceed: proceed, exceed, and succeed.

9950. Fact
The first US Patent was for manufacturing potassium carbonate (used in glass and gunpowder). It was issued to Samuel Hopkins on July 31, 1970.

6280. Fact
A survey done by Clairol 10 years ago came up with 46% of men stating that it was okay to color their hair. Now 66% of men admit to coloring their hair

426. Fact
A legislature having only one house.

5255. Fact
In Massachusetts, it is unlawful to deliver diapers on Sunday, regardless of emergencies.

8328. Fact
Humpback whales are capable of living up to 95 years

8839. Fact
In the movie Gandhi 300,000 extras appeared in the funeral scene. Of the 300,000, approximately 100,000 received a small fee, and the other 200,000 did it for free

9252. Fact
An American cow called Fawn was not afraid of flying. In May 1963, she was swept up by a tornado and carried half a mile, only to land safely in another farmer's field. Five years later, another tornado carried her over a bus. She survived this too, and lived to the ripe old age of 25.

6809. Fact
The Great White Shark can grow to be more than twenty feet long and can weigh approximately 4,000 pounds

6927. Fact
The Ostrich people in Africa are a group of people who have only 2 toes due to inbreeding

7518. Fact
Cockroaches can live for 9 days after their head has been cut off.

6189. Fact
An airplane mechanic invented Slinky while he was playing with engine parts and realized the possible secondary use for the springs. Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler after watching her daughter play with baby dolls imagining then in grown up roles

1398. Fact
Butterflies taste with their feet.

4703. Fact
Ketchup was once sold as a patented medicine. In the 1830s it was marketed in the United States as Dr. Miles's Compound Extract of Tomato.

5630. Fact
Uranus? winter and summer seasons last the equivalent of 21 Earth years

9619. Fact
Whooping cranes are born with blue eyes that change to bright gold by the time they six months old

444. Fact
Star wars
Deployment of weapons on satellites in space with a view to destroy inter-continental ballistic missiles in space coming from the enemy.

1904. Fact
McDonald's salads contain up to 60% more fat than their burgers!

6911. Fact
When opossums are playing 'possum, they are not playing, They actually pass out from sheer terror.

995. Fact
Dolphins always keep one eye open while sleeping.

2283. Fact
The average person over fifty will have spent 1 year looking for lost items.

643. Fact
Marilyn monroe had six toes on her left foot.

3678. Fact
Writing in ancient Greece hadnospacebetweenthewords.

5353. Fact
Every year, surgical tools are left in approximately 1,500 patients in the USA. Fatter patients are more prone to having a surgical tool left inside of them due to the additional amount of space in their bodies.

3441. Fact
Cats average 16 hours of sleep a day, more than any other mammal.

9418. Fact
The first suburban shopping mall was opened in 1922 by National Department Stores in Saint Louis.

4007. Fact
There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos.



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