8734. Fact
The MGM lion, whose name was Leo, lived in Memphis until his death

6482. Fact
Eighty percent of the Vanilla Beans which are used to make ice cream is grown in Madagascar

9579. Fact
The fleshy bulbs on each side of your nose are called the Alea (AY-lee) singular Ala (AY-luh)

3353. Fact
For five years, Webster's dictionary contained a definition of the word dord, a word that has never actually existed.

1212. Fact
A roach can live up to nine days without its head.

5249. Fact
68 percent of a Hostess Twinkie is air.

156. Fact
There are between 100,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 stars in a normal galaxy.

1151. Fact
A fully loaded supertanker traveling at normal speed takes a least twenty minutes to stop.

10458. Fact
Unlike other spiders that sit passively in their web, wolf spiders are hunters, actively stalking their prey.

1711. Fact
In 2003, the U.S. Government spent about $2,000,000.00 on potato research!

9146. Fact
On September 13th, 1916 an elephant that had killed a man was hanged until dead from a rail road crain in Erwin, Tennesee.

7098. Fact
In ancient Rome, lead poisoning was a prevalent disease amongst the wealthy because of their extensive use of lead. Many Roman women died because of lead poisoning caused by the use of make-up that contained lead

820. Fact
Cleopatra could speak 13 languages.

1239. Fact
About 85% or product warning labels on household products are inadequate.

9523. Fact
NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

6944. Fact
Pilgrims did not eat with forks. They only used spoons, knives and their fingers

499. Fact
The metallic element gallium has a most peculiar property. If you put a piece of the metal in your hand, it will melt. The melting point of the metal is 29.76 degrees celsius, (85.312272f).

9645. Fact
Sea water is approximately 3.5 percent salt.

3433. Fact
Honeybees have hair on their eyes.

5793. Fact
Humming birds are the only birds that can fly backwards.

8815. Fact
When the Titanic sank, 2228 people were on it. Only 706 survived.

8788. Fact
The total surface area of a pair of human lungs is equal to that of a tennis court.

4593. Fact
Rodents teeth never stop growing.

8140. Fact
Although not named in the New Testament, tradition names the two thieves crucified at the same time as Jesus as Dismas and Gestas.

5661. Fact
In one day, the Tootsie Roll Industry makes over 16 million lollipops

3519. Fact
In a year approximately 900 million trees are cut down to make the raw materials needed for American pulp mills and paper.

1344. Fact
August 8th is the start of 'National Pickle Week'

8119. Fact
A million dollars'worth of $100 bills weighs only 22 pounds.

3024. Fact
During one seven year period, Thomas Edison obtained approximately three hundred patents. In is whole life he obtained over one thousand patents.

3728. Fact
Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood we have only 206 in our bodies.

5255. Fact
In Massachusetts, it is unlawful to deliver diapers on Sunday, regardless of emergencies.

8327. Fact
The citric acid found in lemon juice is said to be able to dissolve a pearl

9446. Fact
The Gastric Flu can cause projectile vomiting

10185. Fact
The term white chocolate is a misnomer. Under Fedaral Standards of Identity, real chocolate must contain chocolate liquor. White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor.

7595. Fact
The world's first singing commercial aired on the radio on Christmas Eve, 1926 for Wheaties cereal. The four male singers, eventually known as the Wheaties Quartet, sang the jingle.

5340. Fact
A ear trumpet was used before the hearing aid was invented by people who had difficulty hearing

1582. Fact
Former U.S. President Franklin Pierce was arrested during his term as President for running over an old lady with his horse, but the charges were later dropped.

6976. Fact
The origin of right-handed buttons on men's shirts stems from battles where they wore armor. With most men being right handed the armor needed to overlap so that a sword could not enter through the gap during a right-handed blow from an adversary.

9952. Fact
The word checkmate in chess comes from the Persian phrase Shah-Mat, which means the king is dead

10412. Fact
A Connecticut Toy maker, Herobuilders, sells action figures of President George W. Bush, Islamic militant Osama bin Laden, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which are all major figures tied to the September 11, 2001 WTC attacks

9123. Fact
The Butterfinger candy bar was first produced by Chicago's Curtiss Candy Co. in 1923. As an advertising ploy, candy bars were dropped from an airplane on cities in 40 states.

10602. Fact
When a person dies, hearing is usually the last sense to go.

435. Fact
Compulsory recruitment of personnel for service in the armed forces.

3899. Fact
Tiger Woods' real first name is Eldrick. His father gave him the nickname Tiger in honor of a South Vietnamese soldier his father had fought alongside with during the Vietnam War.

9045. Fact
You may not sell your oragns in Indiana to cover travel expenses.

4414. Fact
Whales can never focus both their eyes on the same object at once.

588. Fact
Heavy water is actually 10 % heavier than ordinary water.

5562. Fact
Condoms are most frequently made of latex, but can also be made out of polyurethane.

10045. Fact
In Delaware you may not sell dead people for money without a license.

3465. Fact
On average, 42,000 balls are used and 650 matches are played at the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament



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