3887. Fact
Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can't find any food.

7260. Fact
The moon is actually moving away from Earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year.

3562. Fact
The city of Nottingham in England was the first city to have Braille signs (signs for the blind) in its shopping malls for the blind

6643. Fact
The average person spends about 2 years on the phone in a lifetime.

3873. Fact
A dragonfly is also known as devil's darning needle, horse stinger, and devil's steelyard.

1554. Fact
every single hamster in the U.S. today comes from a single litter captured in Syria in 1930.

890. Fact
Men and women button their shirts differently. A practice that comes from olden times when royal men dressed themselves but the women used chambermaids who buttoned their blouses for them from the front.

6828. Fact
In the Netherlands, in 1634, a collector paid 1,000 pounds of cheese, four oxen, eight pigs, 12 sheep, a bed, and a suit of clothes for a single bulb of the Viceroy tulip.

4940. Fact
In 2001, there were more than 300 banana-related accidents in Britain, most involving people slipping on skins.

10170. Fact
In October 1986, Pepsi paid close to $840 million to Nabisco for the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire

2489. Fact
The Pacific island of Nauru's economy is almost entirely based on bird droppings.

1326. Fact
April 30 is National Honesty Day.

30. Fact
The aorta is nearly the diameter of a garden hose.

3495. Fact
The regular garden variety caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head.

6690. Fact
At age 70, more than 70 percent of men are still potent.

10095. Fact
Cows are able to hear lower and higher frequencies better than human beings

6778. Fact
By age sixty, most people have lost half of their taste buds.

736. Fact
The plane buddy holly crashed in was named "american pie". Don mclean adopted this name for a song he released a couple of years later.

1426. Fact
Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs have only about ten.

5738. Fact
In 1832 Abraham Lincoln ran for the Illinois legislature, and lost.

8229. Fact
The raised reflective dots in the middle of highways are called Botts.

6077. Fact
Southbridge, Massachusetts, makes it illegal to read books or newspapers after 8 p.m. in the streets.

6224. Fact
Brabara Cartland is the world's top-selling author with over 500 million copies sold.

9286. Fact
Women hearts beat faster than men

3476. Fact
Medical research has found substances in mistletoe that can slow down tumor growth.

2542. Fact
The term "the whole 9 yards" came from W.W.II fighter pilots in the South Pacific. When arming their airplanes on the ground, the .50 caliber machine gun ammo belts measured exactly 27 feet, before being loaded into the fuselage. If the pilots fired all t

8026. Fact
There have been over 7,200 acts of terrorism against the US over the last 15 years.

8137. Fact
The cicada, a fly found in Africa, spends 17 years of its life sleeping; and only two weeks is awake during which mates and then dies.

4368. Fact
The 1st personal computer, the Apple II, went on sale in 1977.

118. Fact
There are no poisonous snakes in maine.

8116. Fact
A quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, a dime has one less groove.

4830. Fact
There are more than 50,000 earthquakes throughout the world every year.

5072. Fact
A human eyeball weighs an ounce

1974. Fact
Mr. Snuffleupagas' first name was Alyoisus.

9280. Fact
In Japan, the number four is considered to be unlucky because the Japanese word for four sounds very similar to the word death

8579. Fact
Mules have one horse and one donkey for a parent

9970. Fact
People from North America prefer pickles with warts, where as Europeans prefer pickles with no warts

1893. Fact
Male hospital patients fall out of bed twice as often as female hospital patients.

3786. Fact
Food can only be tasted if it is mixed with saliva

6776. Fact
The airplane Buddy Holly died in was the American Pie. (Thus the name of the Don McLean song.)

9932. Fact
There are 333 toilet paper squares on a toilet paper roll.

5094. Fact
The Sears Tower in Chicago contains enough steel to build 50,000 automobiles

1511. Fact
During his lifetime, artist Vincent Van Gogh only sold one of his paintings.

5773. Fact
Dragonflies are one of the fastest insects, flying 50 to 60 mph.

7750. Fact
In an year, an average American kid eats 46 slices of pizza

3977. Fact
Adolf Hitler was one of the people that was responsible in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle. He came up with the idea of producing a car that was cheap enough for the average German working man to afford.

732. Fact
Production suffered a severe catastrophe one-day while filming diamonds are forever. Unexpectedly, all of the tropical fish in the aquarium died. The solution was to freeze the fish and suspend them in the tank from invisible thread that could be moved; making them appear alive.

4095. Fact
Amtrak is the combination of the words American and Track

5872. Fact
On average, a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day.

503. Fact
Adolf hitler was born in austria but moved to germany to avoid being called for military service.



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