The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) is located in which state?

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Nobel Prize : Peace
Year : 1933
Name : sir norman angell
Country : great britain.      .. More >>

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    Tungrymbai is a special dish of Meghalaya that is largely taken with everyday meals by the peasants of Meghalaya. This food contains a high nutritious value as it is made of beans, porks and black sesame. Things needed to cook this Meghalayan cuisine Tungrymbai are: Beans which after fermentation becomes more soft and delicious.Porks chopped in small pieces as to get boiled soon. Black Sesame to give a dark green color to this food.Ginger to add the final taste in the dish. Onion (it is necessary only if someone is fond of onions) The Preparation of Tungrymbai is given below: Firstly take maximum two cups full of beans and soak them into cold water for a couple of hours. Once the beans get hydrated then pour it into a pressure cooker and leave it on heat at least for six whistles. Now take a bowl and pour water in it. After that leave the bowl over the oven to boil the water. The estimation of water should be taken care of as it will either enhance or reduce the taste of Tungrymbai. Pour the chopped porks and fermented beans into the boiled water and leave it over the heat at least for an hour to get boiled properly. By the mean time, fry the sesame on heat without using oil. After frying the sesame, dump them into a grinder for grinding. Once the beans and the porks are boiled, then add the grinded sesame into the mixture and cook it for a few minutes. Once the dish is prepared, then add the chopped ginger into the mixture to give it a delicious taste and flavor. This recipe of Tungrymbai will surely help you to cook this delicious food at home.

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