Which of the following dates in May is observed as World Press Freedom Day?

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In China, eggs are buried underground until they go exceptionally bad and are then sold and eaten as ‘hundredyear- old' eggs. In fact, they are about two years old. The yolks turn green and the whites turn grey or black.      .. More >>

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    Obviously, if you dont score goals, you wont win the hockey game. Make sure youre passing and shooting the puck quickly and accurately to make the most of your hockey teams offense. Use these guidelines to help The younger the player, the shorter the pass. Cradle the puck with your stick when you receive it. Dont pass to the player; pass to where he or she is going. And try to put the puck on the blade of the recipients stick. Dont pass over two lines; thats against the rules, and the official will blow the whistle. Then hell call a face off, most likely in your defensive zone. Whenever possible, keep your passes on the ice. But if you must elevate the puck to get it to your teammate, try to make it land flat on the ice so its easier to receive.

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