Test # 8 [09-Jul-2016]

Which is the largest (biggest) Ocean in the world ?

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  • Teachers Day

    Teachers Day Activities

  • Songs One of the best forms of entertainments is either singing or listening to songs. You may organize singing competitions on Teachers Day, and give away attractive prizes to the winners. Yet another option is to dedicate a group song as well, to your teachers.
  • Dance Organizing dance competition on Teachers Day is popular in many schools and colleges. You may also organize dance performances (classical or non classical) in your educational institution. The talented students in your school/college would be delighted to grab the golden opportunity to showcase their talent.
  • Drama if you are planning to throw a party for your teacher, on the special occasion, dramatic activities can form a part of the celebrations. Such an activity would give the students a wonderful opportunity to show their acting skills, while participating in drama.
  • Mimicry Of Teachers There are many students who imitate teachers, whether as harmless fun or to be just like them. While imitating teachers, they try to enact their way of communication, facial expressions teacher, etc. Imitating teachers can form a funny part of your celebrations as well, where teachers also enjoy watching their replicas on stage.
  • Games Games, both indoor and outdoor, can be organized on Teachers Day. You may organize cricket and football games, carom competitions or even scrabble contest, with students and teachers participating in them. make sure to keep prizes for winners.
  • Chatting There are very rare moments, when students and teachers sit at the same platform and get to indulge in an informal chat. Teachers Day is an occasion when students and teachers can have free flowing discussions, whether about each others positive and negative traits or academic thoughts.
  • Thanksgiving Teachers Day is a chance for the students to extend their gratitude towards their teachers. On the occasion, you may show your thankfulness to your teachers, by delivering speeches, dedicating quotes, organizing parties, etc.
  • Honoring Teachers Some of the schools and colleges reward the teachers for their invaluable efforts towards the betterment of the students. You may also organize an award function, wherein you may honor your teachers with titles, best suited for their role in the institution.

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