Test # 46 [16-Aug-2016]

Which of the following factors was responsible for the Rise of Nationalism in India ?

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    Its hard to say that induction cooktops are comparable to gas cookers when induction unit prices start at close to a thousand dollars: nonetheless, we will say it. The reason we do is because one needs to be careful to compare apples to apples, and the conventional 30 inch slide in kitchen stove is an orange in this analogy. It is not always true that you get what you pay for, but it isalways true that you dont get what you dont pay for. An induction unit is so clearly superior, in so many ways, to any other form of cooking that it is hard to exaggerate the differences. One can say that a Chevy and a Rolls Royce are both cars vehicles that take a given number of passengers from Point A to Point B but there are valid reasons for the difference in their prices.

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