Test # 174 [22-Dec-2016]

Premier of Canada's - province, Dalton McGuinty, on December 3, 2009, announced Canada's plans to offer India a wide range of eco-friendly technologies.

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Mountain : mount everest
Height : 8,848 mts.
Range : himalayas
Conquered on : 29-may-53.      .. More >>

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  • Sunil Gavaskar


    Sunil Manohar Gavaskar is probably the only technically correct cricketer in the world.
    Many players have big records but nobody ever played cricket straighter than Sunny Gavaskar.He is a textbook of cricket technique. His records suggest he was a great cricketer,ofcourse,but how many of you have seen a batsman play a bowlers backdrive such that it travelled just about four inches past the stumps on the opposite end to reach the boundary even before the bowler stopped in his follow through? And do this consistently atleast once in every innings!
    How many batsmen have you seen bending their knees and delicately late cutting a spinners delivery almost out of the wicket keepers gloves.The Latecut seems to have retired from Indian Test Cricket along with Sunil Gavaskar.
    How many 54 batsmen have you seen play a highspeed short ball, aimed at his forehead, in such a way that it dropped near his feet and stayed there till a close in fielder picked it up?All this without even a helmet to wear!.
    How many cricket commentators have you seen recognise Saqlain Mustaqs Straight delivery just by looking at the Seam and Shine position of the ball at the time of delivery?Even Sachin Tendulkar has got out to this delivery three consequetive times!.
    Im not Dom Moraes but this is an effort to pay tribute to the worlds greatest cricketer.Im sure all those who have seen him play will agree with me As for those who have not seen Sunny play and still love the game you might as well compensate a little by watching the likes of Sachin Tendulkar,Mark Waugh and Brian Lara.
    Guess you were just born Unlucky.

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