Test # 161 [09-Dec-2016]

Which amongst the following States has the highest population density as per census 2001?

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    Have you ever taken powdered rice? If no then have a look into the Meghalayan cuisine, you will find a special kind of a rice called Pudoh. Pudoh is a special cuisine of Meghalaya and those who love to experiment different food items, Pudoh is a completely different item to try their hands in. Meghalaya is a state where variety of rice items are available which are cooked in different occasions. Jadoh, putharo, pudoh all are different types of rice which are available in different seasons and meant for different festivals. The Meghalayan people are fond of spicy and delicious food items. Another notable thing is that they love to add meat specially pork to many of their items. Use of pork undoubtedly enhances the taste of any cooked item. Meghalayan cuisine Pudoh is also made with pork. This special dust rice is steamed along with pork in a bowl. The whole preparation is done in a low heat so that the stuff inside the bowl gets enough time to get boiled. Pieces of pork gives the whole item a sumptuous look that makes it simply irresistible. This rice is delicately served with items prepared with meat. This superb quality rice is served during various occasions of Meghalaya. Meghalayan rice Pudoh is largely served during occasions like marriage or in other carnivals of Meghalaya. Delicious meat items teams best with Pudoh, one may take other spicy vegetable or fish items also along with this rice.

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