975. Fact
In ancient egypt, the penalty for killing a cat was death.

976. Fact
According to an 1845 british law - if you attempted to commit suicide, you were sentenced to death.

977. Fact
Once upon a time, christmas was forbidden in england.

978. Fact
In hartford, connecticut you are not allowed to kiss your wife on sundays.

979. Fact
In kentucky, it's against the law to walk around with ice cream in your hip pocket.

980. Fact
Since 1916, when a man mailed a 40,00o ton brick house in order to avoid high freight costs, it is forbidden to send a whole building by mail in the united states.

981. Fact
A fully loaded oil tanker needs 20 minutes to stop.

982. Fact
All sunlight that hits the surface of the earth during any given moment, weighs as much as a cruise ship.

983. Fact
When the atomic bomb was developed in the american city of los alamos, new mexico, the military base preferred staff that were illiterate as the authorities didn't want the risk of having workers that could read confidential papers from the waste bins.

984. Fact
Every year, 4,000 people are injured by tea pots.

985. Fact
All hospitals in singapore use pampers diapers.

986. Fact
Colgate had a big challenge when they released their tooth paste in spanish speaking countries. Colgate means "go hang yourself" in spanish.

987. Fact
On average, there are 333 pieces of toilet paper on one toilet roll.

988. Fact
Your body contains about 100,000,000,000,000 cells.

989. Fact
No american president has had brown eyes.

990. Fact
The only part of your body that can't get cancer, is the lens of the eye.

991. Fact
Female hyenas have underdeveloped penises.

992. Fact
The distance between the surface and the center of the earth is 3,700 miles.

993. Fact
Bowling was invented in egypt around 5,000 b.c.

994. Fact
Dalmatians are born without spots.

995. Fact
Dolphins always keep one eye open while sleeping.

996. Fact
Europe and north america are drifting apart at the same speed it takes our nails to grow.

997. Fact
Leonardo da vinci could write with one hand and paint with the other - simultaneously.

998. Fact
There are no clocks in las vegas casinos.

999. Fact
The hottest place on earth is el azizia in libya.

1000. Fact
Right-handed people live approximately 9 years longer than left-handed people.

1001. Fact
In one year, more monopoly money is printed than real money.

1002. Fact
Every chocolate bar produced contains an average of 8 insect legs.

1003. Fact
A polar bear's skin is black.

1004. Fact
Elvis had a twin brother who died at birth. His name was jesse garon.

1005. Fact
In china, there are more people who speak english than in the usa.

1006. Fact
If all the inhabitants of china walked past you in a single line, the line would never stop if you take into consideration the rate of reproduction.

1007. Fact
Ants always fall on their right side if they get drunk.

1008. Fact
If you were to sell every useful part of your body, you would get approximately $35 million dollars.

1009. Fact
The world record for an underwater kiss is 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

1010. Fact
5% of all adults sleepwalk.

1011. Fact
A good butler should change shoes every three hours.

1012. Fact
Adolf hitler's favourite movie was king kong.

1013. Fact
It would take 1.12 million mosquitoes, stinging you all at the same time, to completely empty your body of its blood.

1014. Fact
One of the reasons fidel castro grew a beard was that the embargoes from the usa made it difficult to get razor blades.

1015. Fact
It takes an adult about 138 minutes to watch bridges over madison county but only 118 minutes to read the book.

1016. Fact
The glue on stamps in israel is kosher approved.

1017. Fact
dna stands for deoxyribonucleic acid.

1018. Fact
The scientific word for picking one's nose is rhinotillexonamia.

1019. Fact
Sylvester stallone once worked in a circus cleaning lion cages.

1020. Fact
Michael jackson's song billy jean was the first musical video shown on mtv that was made by an african-american performer.

1021. Fact
An airport in england uses songs by tina turner to scare birds off the runway.

1022. Fact
In 1938, adolf hitler was elected time magazine's "man of the year".

1023. Fact
When albert einstein died, his brain was put in a jar to be examined and saved for the future.

1024. Fact
In 1978, emilio marco palma was the first person to be born in the antarctic.



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