856. Fact
The tallest picasso statue in the world can be found in kristinehamn, sweden.

857. Fact
The quartz crystal in a digital watch vibrates 32,768 times every second.

858. Fact
Steven spielberg didn't accept any money for the film schindler's list. He felt it would be blood money.

859. Fact
The seven beams in the crown of the statue of liberty represent the seven seas and seven continents.

860. Fact
Money contains cotton as well as paper. That's why it can survive a tumble through the washing machine.

861. Fact
Sharks are the only fish that can blink both eyes simultaneously.

862. Fact
A shark's skeleton is not made of bone like other fish and vertebrates. Instead, it is made-up of cartilage.

863. Fact
The actor dolph lundgren has a university degree from the royal technical university of stockholm.

864. Fact
The tutsis in congo, africa, are the tallest people in the world. Many are 7 feet tall. They live next to the pygmies who are the shortest people in the world.

865. Fact
Rhinoceros' horns are made up of compressed hair.

866. Fact
Originally, coca-cola was sold as a prescription to cure melancholy, hysteria and migraines.

867. Fact
The soho area of new york city is named soho because it is located south of houston street.

868. Fact
The national anthem of greece contains 158 verses.

869. Fact
The pig is the only animal that, like humans, can get a suntan.

870. Fact
The world's longest city name has 167 characters. Krungthepmahanakornamornrattanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnoparatrjathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkatattiyavisanukamprasit. It translates into: the great city of angels, the supreme unconquerable land of the great immortal divinity, the royal capital of nine noble gems, the pleasant city, with plenty of grand royal palaces, and divine paradises for the reincarnated deity, given by indra and created by the god of crafting. It is known to the rest of the world as bangkok, thailand.

871. Fact
Bruce willis is left-handed. To get a better camera angle, in the film sixth sense, he wrote with his right hand in one scene.

872. Fact
Grampus, a playful, black and white dolphin, can live to the ripe old age of 80 to 90 years.

873. Fact
It takes 240 million years for our solar system to travel around the center of our galaxy, the milky way. This is known as a cosmic year.

874. Fact
Some of the larger battle scenes in the film braveheart had to be done twice, because many people with walk-on parts could be seen wearing watches and sunglasses.

875. Fact
Antoine saint-exupry, the french author who wrote the little prince, died when his small plane crashed on july 31, 1944. Why the plane crashed is still unknown.

876. Fact
A mule is the spawn of a donkey and a mare.

877. Fact
Coulfophobia is the technical term for a fear of clowns.

878. Fact
Star trek, the famous tv series, was not a hit when if first started. After only two seasons, the tv network wanted to cancel it.

879. Fact
Wrigley's, the american chewing gum, was the first product in the world with a bar code.

880. Fact
If you suffer from polydactyl, you were born with more than 10 fingers and toes.

881. Fact
The nobel prizewinner marie curie was the first woman allowed to teach at the university of sorbonne in paris.

882. Fact
A lightning bolt will heat up the air around it to about 3,000272c (5432 degrees fahrenheit).

883. Fact
In an earlier version of the script for the film alien, ripley was supposed to be played by a man.

884. Fact
During the first world war, josef stalin got out of serving his military service because of his deformed feet. He had two toes that were grown together.

885. Fact
A dragonfly can fly backwards as fast as it can fly forwards.

886. Fact
The pitohuis, a group of birds in new guinea, have poisonous feathers and skin. When predators catch one of these birds, they instinctively spit it out.

887. Fact
If you love coffee and drink 100 cups in four hours,you will probably die from caffeine poisoning.

888. Fact
Before michael caine and cher changed their names, they answered to maurice micklewhite and cherilyn sarkisian la piere.

889. Fact
Only two of your mouth muscles are required for creating a smile unless you consider the many muscles around your eyes as well.

890. Fact
Men and women button their shirts differently. A practice that comes from olden times when royal men dressed themselves but the women used chambermaids who buttoned their blouses for them from the front.

891. Fact
The language with the greatest number of words is english. It contains more than 455,000 active words and 700,000 dead words.

892. Fact
Raw asparagus is slightly poisonous.

893. Fact
Arnold schwarzenegger received a cool 15 million dollars for his part in terminator 2, where he only spoke 700 words. That's $21,429 per word. The classic phrase "hasta la vista, baby" earned him $85,716.

894. Fact
Ghandi's full name wasn't mahatma gandhi. His real name was mohandas karamchand gandhi. Mahatma was a title of honour which means large spirit.

895. Fact
The tools that were used to fix up jack napier (jack nicholson) after his chemical bath in batman are the same tools used by the sadistic dentist, orin scrivello (steve martin), in the 1986 film little shop of horrors.

896. Fact
On a flight from antwerp to london in 1997, 21 of the passengers were 100 years old.

897. Fact
Most fish stay awake most of their lives. However, there are fish that sleep. They lean against a rock or stand vertically in the water.

898. Fact
A snail can sleep for three years.

899. Fact
Mosquitoes can track people up to 110 yards away by the substances in their breath.

900. Fact
The largest painting in the world is the battle at gettysburg, created by the american paul phillipoteaux and 16 of his assistants. It stands 68.8-feet high and is 410-feet wide.

901. Fact
The tyrannosaurus rex suffered from gout.

902. Fact
There are 336 dimples in a golf ball.

903. Fact
The most widely used language in the world is mandarin-chinese, the mother tongue for almost 900 million people. Only 332 million people have english as their mother tongue.

904. Fact
To produce 1 single gram of serum, you need poison from 150 cobra bites.

905. Fact
Alfred nobel's brother emil, died in an explosion in the laboratory where both brothers were performing experiments with explosive oils, the forerunner to dynamite.



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