695. Fact
When ian fleming wrote his first book casino royale, he got the name james bond from a writer of a book about caribbean birds.

696. Fact
Mel blanc, the man who gave voice to bugs bunny, was allergic to carrots.

697. Fact
Bulletproof vests, fire ladders, windshield wipers and laser printers were all invented by women.

698. Fact
The three wise men were named caspar, melchior and balthazar.

699. Fact
Thieves often listen at doors and in some cases this has gotten them convicted. The police are not only interested in fingerprints but ear prints as well, which are unique for every human being.

700. Fact
In india, more than 140 main languages are spoken with 845 accents.

701. Fact
New species can be found in the strangest places. A new ant specie was found in a flower pot on the sixteenth floor of a german office building.

702. Fact
51,000 people can fit onto a football field if they stand really close together.

703. Fact
If you are afraid of animals in general, you suffer from zoophobia.

704. Fact
The cape of good hope is not the most southern part of africa. It is cap agulha, which is located about 90 miles south-east of the cape of good hope.

705. Fact
On average every year, you will consume 12 pubic hairs while eating in restaurants.

706. Fact
The national anthem of the european union (eu) is an der freude from the ninth symphony by ludvig von beethoven.

707. Fact
John wilkes booth, the man who shot abraham lincoln, the 16th president of the usa, was an actor.

708. Fact
One of the elements in dynamite is peanuts.

709. Fact
The five different colored rings, on the olympic flag, symbolize the union of the five continents and that the olymic games shall be a meeting place for athletes from around the world. At least one color of each ring can be found on every world flag.

710. Fact
Sean connery, the first james bond, won the mr. Universe contest before he became an actor.

711. Fact
A cat has thirty-two muscles in each ear.

712. Fact
Did you think that the monkeys in the zoo were picking fleas off each other? Wrong; they are in fact grooming for salty skin dander.

713. Fact
When you're using the computer keyboard, your left hand does 56% of the typing.

714. Fact
The actual meaning of the word turkey is "cock from calicut".

715. Fact
The zipper would not have become the success it did if it hadn't been for world war one. Originally, it wasn't used on clothing but on money belts that the amercian solders brought to europe.

716. Fact
Many hamsters blink only one eye at a time.

717. Fact
The pacemaker was invented in the 1950's by sweden's rune elmqvist at the pacesetter company.

718. Fact
The chance of surviving a plane crash is better in seats found in the back of a plane where you have the best protection during take offs and landings. This is when the risk of an accident is at its greatest.

719. Fact
If barbie had been a real human being, her measurements would have been 97-58-97.

720. Fact
It's often warmer in cities than in the countryside. The reason being asphalt absorbs more energy from the sun than grass, trees and plants do.

721. Fact
The longest border between two states in europe is the border between sweden and norway. It's 1,000 miles long.

722. Fact
John rhys-davies, who played gimli the dwarf in the three lord of the rings movies had a tough time during filming. His armament weighed 66 pounds and he was also allergic to the prosthetic glue.

723. Fact
At first, cinderella's shoes were made of leather but when the folktale was written down in the 16th century, the french words "vair" and "verre" were mixed up. The first means skin and the latter means glass.

724. Fact
On average, a hurricane produces more energy than all of the world's power plants put together.

725. Fact
In 1899, the eiffel tower was built by gustave eiffel for the paris exhibition and was suppose to be demolished afterwards.

726. Fact
One day - the time it takes our planet to rotate around its axis - would take only 9 hours and 55 minutes on the planet jupiter.

727. Fact
The african ostrich is not only the largest bird in the worldit also lays the largest eggs. On average, one egg weighs 2 to 4 pounds. That's equivalent to the weight of 45 normal-sized eggs.

728. Fact
If you never cut your hair and lived to be 77-years old, your hair could grow 690 miles long.

729. Fact
A newborn kangaroo weighs approximately one gram (0.035 ounces).

730. Fact
Hurricanes are always given names in order to make them easier to track. Their names always start with an "a" at the beginning of each year. In 1979, the women's movement pressured meteorologists to use both male and female names instead of just female names. Today, boy names are used on even numbered years and girl names on uneven ones.

731. Fact
Volvo means "i am rolling" in latin.

732. Fact
Production suffered a severe catastrophe one-day while filming diamonds are forever. Unexpectedly, all of the tropical fish in the aquarium died. The solution was to freeze the fish and suspend them in the tank from invisible thread that could be moved; making them appear alive.

733. Fact
It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

734. Fact
An ice cream headache occurs when the coldness of the ice cream comes in contact with a spider-shaped web of nerves on the roof of the mouth. When the temperature of these nerves cools down, the brain believes that it's about to freeze and unnecessarily sends warm blood to the area. Instead of warming the area, it causes a headache.

735. Fact
The face of the alien e.t in the film with the same name, was modelled after the poet carl sandburg, the physicist albert einstein and a pug.

736. Fact
The plane buddy holly crashed in was named "american pie". Don mclean adopted this name for a song he released a couple of years later.

737. Fact
The sloth moves so slow algae can grow unhinderred on it. That is why its skin is sometimes green.

738. Fact
It's not only the tiger's fur that is striped. The skin is striped as well.

739. Fact
The expression "checkmate" comes from the arabic expression "shah mat", which means "the king is dead".

740. Fact
Do you think "big ben" is a tower or a clock face? Well, both are wrong guesses. This well-known name actually belongs to the bell that sounds every hour behind the famous clock face in london, england.

741. Fact
When the north american possum is threatened, it not only plays dead to escape the danger, it also faints from fear!

742. Fact
Sesame street puppet characters bert and ernie's namesakes are the policeman, bert and the taxi driver, ernie, from the classic film it's a wonderful life starring jimmy stewart.

743. Fact
Did you know that camels have three eyelashes to protect their eyes from the blowing sand?

744. Fact
A donkey's eyes are positioned so that it can see all of its hooves at the same time.



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