6843. Fact
In Mexico, the Tooth Fairy is known as the 'Tooth Mouse'.

6844. Fact
No two human outer EARS, even your own, are exactly alike. Earology was developed to supplement identification by fingerprints.

6845. Fact
In India, people are legally allowed to marry a dog.

6846. Fact
On February 10, 1964 the first self-adhesive stamps were issued

6847. Fact
At one time, pumpkins were recommended for removing freckles

6848. Fact
What we call the sky is merely the limit of our vision into the atmosphere. The sky, like the horizon, is always as far away as one can see.

6849. Fact
Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day.

6850. Fact
The chemicals indole and skatole, which help to account for the particular smell of human feces, are used as ingredients in perfume.

6851. Fact
The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in Jello

6852. Fact
The most common pear world-wide is the Bartlett. It is bell-shaped, sweet and soft with a light green colour

6853. Fact
Chicago has the largest cookie factory, where Nabisco made over 4.6 billion Oreo cookies in 1997

6854. Fact
People with darker skin will not wrinkle as fast as people with lighter skin

6855. Fact
Some dolphins can swim up to 40 kilometers an hour

6856. Fact
There is a large brass statue of Winnie-the-Pooh in Lima, Peru

6857. Fact
In 1886, Grover Cleveland became the only president to be married in the White House.

6858. Animal Facts
Some types of botflies lay their eggs on the abdomen of another blood-sucking insect such as a flea or tick. The eggs hatch while the host feeds the larvae and burrows into the skin of the animal it's sucking on.

6859. Fact
Playing cards were issued to British pilots in WWII. If captured, they could be soaked in water and unfolded to reveal a map for escape.

6860. Fact
Polyandry is a practice where a woman is married to more than one man at the same time.

6861. Animal Facts
Three-toed sloths move so slowly that algae often grows on their fur.

6862. Fact
In Richmond, Virginia it is illegal to flip a coin in any eating establishment to determine who buys a cup of coffee.

6863. Fact
Snake venom is ninety percent protein

6864. Fact
Producer Paul Maslansky was on the set of The Right Stuff when a bus from the local police academy rolled up. After a bunch of freaks walked off, a sergeant explained that the mayor had forced the department to loosen its acceptance standards. Not too long afterwards, Police Academy hit the theaters.

6865. Fact
German chocolate cake did not originate in Germany. In 1852, Sam German developed a sweet baking bar for Baker's Chocolate Co. The product was named in honor of him -Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate.

6866. Fact
One out of every four people has some sort of pychological 'problem'?

6867. Fact
The first human heart transplant happened on December 3, 1967. Unfortunately the patient only lived for eighteen days, succumbing in the end to pneumonia

6868. Fact
A cockroach can change directions up to 25 times in a second

6869. Fact
Only 1% of bacteria cause disease in humans.

6870. Fact
A fetus develops fingerprints at eighteen weeks.

6871. Fact
The 1st live televised murder was in 1963, when Jack Ruby killed JFK's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald while millions of viewers watched.

6872. Fact
Soy crayons have been invented to replace wax crayons and one acre of soybeans can produce over 80,000 crayons

6873. Fact
The last thing Elvis Presley ate before he died was four scoops of ice cream and 6 chocolate chip cookies

6874. Fact
There are species of fish that can walk on land in search of water when its water source dries up. Some can survive as long as three days on land such as the snakehead fish

6875. Fact
It takes about 1.25 seconds for moonlight to reach the Earth.

6876. Fact
Initially golf balls were made out of wood. After that they were made out of leather which was stuffed with feathers

6877. Fact
Emus cannot walk backwards.

6878. Fact
Bill Gates began his business career at the age of 14 by forming a company called Traf-O-Data with some friends of his.

6879. Fact
India never invaded any country in her history

6880. Fact
The first formal rules for playing baseball required the winning team to score 21 runs.

6881. Fact
A person swallows approximately 295 times while eating dinner.

6882. Fact
In the U.S., 75% of the pencils sold are painted yellow

6883. Fact
The theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters is Sweet Georgia Brown.

6884. Fact
Mario, of Super Mario Bros. fame, appeared in the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong. His original name was Jumpman, but was changed to Mario to honor the Nintendo of America's landlord, Mario Segali.

6885. Fact
The word crap came from Thomas Crapper-a famous plumber in the early days of the toilet.

6886. Fact
Massachusetts law declares that peanuts may not be eaten in court.

6887. Fact
People that suffer from gum disease are twice as likely to have a stroke or heart attack

6888. Fact
The majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when people are not home

6889. Fact
Oranges, lemons, watermelons, and tomatoes are berries.

6890. Fact
The smallest number spelled with an a is one thousand.

6891. Fact
The tiger is the largest member of the cat family.

6892. Fact
Each year, Americans throw away 25 trillion Styrofoam cups



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