623. Fact
Sweden's globen arena, built in stockholm between 1986 and 1988, is the largest spherical building in the world.

624. Fact
A recently discovered species of ants has been named after harrison ford. The species is called peidole harrisonfordi.

625. Fact
If you don't cover your mouth while sneezing, 20,000 small droplets of saliva can forcefully project from your mouth up to 13-feet away.

626. Fact
You will never find seeds in clementines but you will find them in mandarines, the original fruit. The seed-free variety was named after its creator, the french priest clement, who developed it around 1900.

627. Fact
The thighbone and shinbone can be exposed to a vertical pressure up to 2,200 pounds, without breaking - the weight of an average car.

628. Fact
During an average lifetime of 70 years you will breath 600 million times, feel 125 million heart beats, and your eyes will blink 350 million times.

629. Fact
The daily production of gases in your large intestine measures 2 to 2.5 gallons. You will emit about 0.2 gallons of this while your intestinal wall absorbs the rest.

630. Fact
The guinness book of records claims that "my name is bond, james bond" is the most famous movie line in the world.

631. Fact
The germans unmasked several american spies during the second world war by studying how they ate. The americans cut their steaks in smaller pieces before they ate them.

632. Fact
The largest kidney stone in the history of medicine weighed 14 pounds.

633. Fact
The smallest bird in the world is the 2.3-inch hummingbird. It counteracts the forces of gravity by flapping its wings over 200 times per second.

634. Fact
Between the years of 1788 and 1868, great britain deported 155,000 prisoners to their colony australia.

635. Fact
If the earth was absolutely smooth and flat, it would be covered with a layer of water 500-feet deep.

636. Fact
In the popular bond film from russia with love, author ian flemming made a cameo appearance in one of the scenes as a man taking a leisurely walk.

637. Fact
Rubber bands last longer if kept cold.

638. Fact
The first deportation to siberia in russia was not a human but a symbol - the city bell of uglich. In 1591, the son of the tsar was murdered and angry citizens rang the quarter ton bell in protest. As punishment and a demonstration of power, these agitators were beaten and their tongues were cut off. The bell was also hammered and its clapper was pulled away from its hold. As a final display, the bell was deported to siberia to be silenced forever.

639. Fact
Idling boat engines have acoustical characteristics reminiscent of grey whales singing. In mexico, fisherman have problems with whales rubbing their backs against their fishing vessels.

640. Fact
Don't try this - if you take a very sharp pencil, dip the very tip in nicotine and push this through your skin, you will die immediately.

641. Fact
Just before you freeze to death, your body's sense of temperature breaks down and makes a person feel like he or she is on fire. This is why some people, found dead in the wintertime, are undressed.

642. Fact
Some octopuses live in such deep water, that it is completely dark all the time. Here it is useless for them to squirt black ink at their enemies to confuse them. Instead, the octopuses emit a cloud of luminous germs that blind their predators.

643. Fact
Marilyn monroe had six toes on her left foot.

644. Fact
The white half-moon shape found at the base of a finger nail is a small, air-filled pocket.

645. Fact
If you took all the wheat that is consumed around the world during a year and baked a loaf of bread from it, that loaf would be about 13-feet wide and 6.5-feet high and long enough to go around the earth once.

646. Fact
Once upon a time, disney's cartoon character, donald duck, was banned in finland because he didn't wear pants.

647. Fact
Lego was invented in 1949. The name comes from the danish words "leg", meaning play and "godt" meaning good.

648. Fact
The state of new jersey, usa provides two-thirds of the world's total production of eggplant.

649. Fact
The philosopher, ren descartes, who considered himself to be the inventor of the first philosophical principle - cogito ergo sum (i think, therefore, i am), - died while visiting queen kristina in 1649. The castle was very cold and descartes suffered from pneumonia, which killed him.

650. Fact
There are more chickens than humans on our planet.

651. Fact
The spanish fly is the world's most famous bug. Some believe it has aphrodisiac properties. One thing is for certain: dried and powdered, spanish flies make a potent poison and many have died from it. The last known case was in the 1960's.

652. Fact
Al capone's business card said that he was a used furniture salesman.

653. Fact
A goldfish has a memory that lasts only three seconds.

654. Fact
More shoplifters are caught on a wednesday than on any other day of the week.

655. Fact
We are born without kneecaps. They develop by the age of six.

656. Fact
William shakespeare "invented" more than 1,700 words.

657. Fact
The world famous opera house in sydney, australia was designed by the danish architect jrn utzon. It's covered with over one million white ceramic tiles, manufactured by the swedish company hgans.

658. Fact
Do you want to buy a camel? The largest exporter of camels in the western world is norway.

659. Fact
Your eyes remain the same in size from the day you are born to the day you die. Your nose and ears, however, never stop growing.

660. Fact
The tame cat came to scandinavia about 1,500 years ago. Before that one often had - a tame snake!

661. Fact
Every year, more people get killed by donkeys than by plane crashes.

662. Fact
You need 150,000 saffron crocuses to get two pounds of saffron.

663. Fact
The sperm whale has the largest brain of all animals in the world. It weighs 20 pounds.

664. Fact
Frogs never drink water. They get all the fluid they need by living in a wet and moist environment.

665. Fact
The largest concentration of animals ever observed was a huge swarm of grasshoppers in 1879. The swarm was the size of germany and contained more than 12,500 billion insects that together weighed about 55,000 billion pounds.

666. Fact
In relation to their size, bugs that belong to the species scarabeidae are the strongest animals in the world. When tests were done on the quite rare oryctes nasicornis, also known as "rhinoceros beetle", it was found that it could carry 850 times its own weight on its back.

667. Fact
A strange fashion color was created by the sovereign queen isabella, the daughter of filip ii of spain. In 1601, she swore not to change her underwear until the city of oostende was taken. Unfortunately, the occupation lasted for three years so isabella's underwear got the beige colour that today is known as isabella colored.

668. Fact
Dental enamel is the strongest material your body produces.

669. Fact
When charlie chaplin became famous for his movies, a lot of people started to dress and act like him. Even charlie chaplin look-a-like contests were held. Charlie participated in one himself - and won third place.

670. Fact
A starfish has very bad table manners. It turns its stomach inside out, by forcing it out through its mouth and over its prey.

671. Fact
The "black box" everyone is looking for after a plane crash is not black - it's orange, making it easier to find. Besides, there's not only one box, but two. One is used for recording all conversations and sounds in the cockpit and the other to save all data from the flight.

672. Fact
When you take a nap for an hour you burn as much energy as it takes to boil water for seven cups of tea.



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