462. Fact
He was an eminent physicist and botanist. He founded bose research institute, calcutta. He invented crescograph and lived between 1858 and 1937.

463. Fact
S.n. Bose
He expounded the bose einstein theory which deals with the detection of a group of nuclear particles - named after him 'boson'. His contribution to planck's law is laudable.

464. Fact
Dr. S.chandrasekhar
An indian-born american, who won nobel prize for physics in 1983. According to his theory, the old stars just collapse and disappear in the light of denser stars of low light popularly called chandrasekhar limit.

465. Fact
He lived between 80 and 180 a.d. He was a court physician of king kanishka. His writings on hindu medicine are invaluable.

466. Fact
He was a great physician during the period of chandragupta vikramaditya. His period was between 375 and 413 a.d.

467. Fact
Hargobind khorana
He created an artificial gene and deciphered genetic code. He was awarded nobel prize for medicine in 1968.

468. Fact
Homi j.bhaba
He largely contributed to the development of atomic physics. He was the first chairman of atomic energy commission. He died in a plane crash in 1966 over alps.

469. Fact
Prof. S.s.joshi's works on physical and chemical reaction under electrical discharge on active nitrogen, colloids, hydrogen peroxide are noteworthy.

470. Fact
A great buddhist philosopher and chemist. His theory on extraction of copper and metallic oxides are mention-worthy.

471. Fact
Nag chowdhury b.d
An eminent indian nuclear physicist known all over the world.

472. Fact
J.v.narlikar was the co-author of hoyle-narlikar theory of continuous creation which supplies missing links in einstein's theory of relativity.

473. Fact
Raja ramanna
A great nuclear scientist, who was instrumental to stage india's first nuclear explosion at pokharan range in 1974.

474. Fact
Sir c.v. Raman
First indian scientist to receive nobel prize for physics in 1929 for his invention 'raman effect'. He founded raman research institute at bangalore.

475. Fact
Sir c.p.roy
Author of 'hindu chemistry'. He founded indian chemical society and bengal chemical and pharmaceuticals ltd. He lived between 1861- 1944 ad.

476. Fact
Prof. V.ramachandra rao
Direction of indian scientific satellite project (issp) at peenya near bangalore.

477. Fact
Saha dr.maghnad
Late palit prof.of physics, university college of scientific and technology, calcutta university well-known for his researches in nuclear physics, cosmic rays, spectrum analysis . He lived from 1893 to 1956.

478. Fact
Srinivas ramanujam
A mathematical wizard, contributed much to number theory, theory of partitions and theory of continuous fractions. He lived between 1887 to 1920 ad.

479. Fact
Satish dhavan
He was chairman of indian space research organisation. He was instrumental to take india into space age by launching aryabhatta in 1975.

480. Fact
A fourth century hindu surgeon and physician. He had written an important book on medicine and on medical properties of garlic.

481. Fact
An indian astronomer and astrologer of 6th century a.d. He was a mathematician and philosopher. He was one of the nine gems of vikramaditya.

482. Fact
The walkman was first introduced in 1979.

483. Fact
The first owner of the marlboro company died of lung cancer.

484. Fact
There are more than 500 given phobias. One of the rarest is hoplophobia - a fear of firearms.

485. Fact
There are more than 17,000 airplanes in the world, of which 4,000 are always airborne.

486. Fact
90 % of the cab drivers in new york are recently landed immigrants.

487. Fact
Madagascar, off the eastern coast of africa, is the fourth largest island in the world.

488. Fact
Charles bronson's given name at birth was charles buchinsky. Eric clapton's was patrick clapp.

489. Fact
The word "amateur" comes from the same spelled french word for "lover" and "is anyone interested?"

490. Fact
35% of all advertisers in personal ads are already married.

491. Fact
Until the beginning of the 20th century, pure cocaine was sold at harrod's in london, england.

492. Fact
If you order vikin-ryori in japan, you can pick food from a smorgasbord.

493. Fact
Rembrandt's grandfather was a baker.

494. Fact
The legendary classic film comedian harpo marx, along with his chatty brothers, became famous for not speaking a single word on screen. In real life, he had no trouble uttering the spoken word.

495. Fact
London england's clockwork is located on the clock tower of westminster bridge. It is also known as big ben and for keeping the exact time. In 1945, however, it slowed down by five minutes due to a flock of starlings sitting on the minute hand.

496. Fact
There are traffic lights on the canals in venice.

497. Fact
The word "school" comes from the greek word "skhol", which means leisure time, time for spiritual exercises.

498. Fact
In the american city of montpelier, a contest is held each year to determine who has the most worn out pair of sneakers. The contest is called the annual international rotten sneaker contest.

499. Fact
The metallic element gallium has a most peculiar property. If you put a piece of the metal in your hand, it will melt. The melting point of the metal is 29.76 degrees celsius, (85.312272f).

500. Fact
An elk has four stomachs.

501. Fact
Alfred hitchcock made it a gimmick by having a cameo in his own movies for a few seconds. However, in 25 of his movies you can't see him.

502. Fact
A rat's teeth grow about 6 inches in a year.

503. Fact
Adolf hitler was born in austria but moved to germany to avoid being called for military service.

504. Fact
The japanese national anthem is the oldest anthem in the world.

505. Fact
A crocodile can't stick its tongue out.

506. Fact
During an ordinary day, your hand will indirectly come in contact with 15 penises.

507. Fact
Stevie wonder made his record debut when he was just 12 years old.

508. Fact
Holland and the netherlands are not one in the same. Since the 16th century, the name of the nation has been the netherlands. Holland consists of two provinces that together only cover one sixth of the area of the netherlands.

509. Fact
A cow burps every 40 seconds.

510. Fact
Before they changed their names, demi moore was called demetria guynes, and walther matthau was called walter matushanskatasky.

511. Fact
The average age for a porsche owner is 49 while that of a harley davidson owner is 52.



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