Test # 99 [08-Oct-2017]


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    Asterias rubens
    Red starfish.

    Key Uses:
  • Circulatory disorders, such as strokes
  • Hard, swollen glands in the armpits
  • High libido in women, causing restless sleep, erotic dreams, bad temper, and weepiness
  • Left-sided symptoms, especially in women
  • Obstinate constipation, especially during menopause
  • Sharp breast pains at night

    Origin : Found around the coastline of western Europe.

    Background : Dating back to the earliest geological age, the Precambrian era, this species has amazing regenerative powers: if one of its five arms is lost, for instance, a new one is grown in its place.

    Preparation : The whole, live animal is chopped up and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Tearfulness is typical of those who respond best to Asterias, and they feel better after crying. They like to have people around them, yet prefer to retain a degree of independence. If contradicted they may become angry and irritable, especially in hot weather. Asterias is generally used in the treatment of left-sided symptoms that occur particularly in women, as well as for circulatory problems in both sexes. It also has the odd feature of apparently making old scars, particularly those in the breast area, become painful again.
    Asterias may benefit women who experience an increased sex drive so intense that it causes restless sleep, erotic dreams, a bad temper, and weepiness. Further symptoms that may respond to Asterias include obstinate constipation, particularly during menopause, hard, swollen glands in the armpits, or sharp pains in the breasts at night with a drawing sensation in the nipples, especially in the left breast. These symptoms may be accompanied by a high libido.
    The remedy is also used for circulatory disorders such as strokes, especially if they are preceded by great impatience, dizziness, and muscle spasms in the limbs.

    Symptoms Better : After a headache; after crying; for cold drinks.

    Symptoms Worse : For heat; for cold, damp weather; at night; on the left side of the body; for menstruating; for being contradicted; for coffee.

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