Test # 92

Andrew Smodley is a natural worrier. It is something he has ________ from his father the king of all worriers.

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    Testing and Finding Leaks

    Fittings and connections should be checked periodically for leaks. This task must be carried out by qualified personnel. For monthly maintenance, the entire fuel system can be leak tested with leak detection solution, and or a methane detector. All joints and connections should be tested. Leaks usually occur at fitting connections. When checking for leaks always use certified leak detecting equipment and solutions designed for use with stainless steel and brass such as Snoop? or FBI?.
    1. Apply a certified leak detecting solution and look for bubbling or foaming.
    2. Examine connections for icing or signs of condensation around the tubing.
    3. Check for signs of damaged or perforated tubing.

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