Test # 66

Which of these is a noun? It is ________ .

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    News Feed

    Finding friends on Facebook is incredibly important, not simply to connect for connection s sake, but to stay up to date on their latest news, thoughts, activities, whereabouts and tastes. And the place to access that information is the News Feed.Once you ve logged into Facebook, the first thing youll see is the News Feed. There you ll view friends status updates, new photos, links to articles, etc. One of the most recent changes Facebook made to its News Feed is the order in which updates appear. Facebook s algorithm and your own activity determine what news is most important, and thus, whether it makes the top of your News Feed. Think of it like the front page of a newspaper, determined by an algorithm rather than an editor. Therefore, you won t necessarily see updates in the order they re posted, but in order of timeliness and importance. If you prefer to see things in chronological order, simply click the Sort option at the top of your feed and select Most Recent.

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