Test # 37

Woman: Hello. 6 3 4 9 5. Who's ________ please?

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    New years eve scramble

    Write a bunch of different words on a piece of paper that have to do with New Years Eve and scramble the letters. The person who guesses the most words correctly wins a prize. Predict the Future Throughout the party, present a magazine picture to each table of kids. These pictures should show something from the past year, such as a winning football game, a new toy, a political event, etc. Each table of kids must make a prediction for the next year, based on the picture. For example The Yankees will win the pennant, Bill Clinton will become a rock star, the president will be a woman, and so on. Keep providing pictures after each course for the kids predictions.Some other fun ideas that will keep the kids busy for hours until the clock strikes midnight are to have them create their own time capsule, strike a pi

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