Test # 33

Mike: Haven't seen you for ________ .

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    Leo Romantic Profile

    Leo ( Jul 23 - Aug 22 ) Romantic Profile :

    The creative and romantic Lion rules the Zodiac's House of Pleasure, insuring that any romp with this cat will include sensory as well as sensual delights. The playful Lion loves fun and is a supremely social animal. If Leos can act out their fantasies on a public (even private) stage, all the better, for those born under this sign truly believe they're the star. As befits the King/Queen of the Zodiac, Leos are leaders. Their powerful presence, as well as staying power, insures them success in their conquests. Romance is also a princely quality for the Lion, and those who ensnare this passionate animal may well be rewarded with a wonderful and inventive lover. Like the ruling Sun, which is at the center of the universe, Leos love to have the world revolve around them.

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