Test # 194

We will visit Australia ________ New Zealand during our next vacation.

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    Juniperus communis

    Key Uses:
  • Menstrual pain
  • Uterine muscle stimulant
  • Water retention, possibly with advanced kidney disease

    Origin : Found in Europe and North America, and from southwest Asia to the Himalayas.

    Background : Juniper has been used since classical times, both medicinally and in cooking. Traditionally, sprigs were flung into fires to ward off evil spirits, and burned to protect against the plague. The berries are used to flavor gin.

    Preparation : Alcohol is added to the finely chopped, fresh, ripe berries.

    Remedy Profile : Classically this remedy has a reputation for increasing urine production, and is used to treat water retention, possibly with advanced kidney disease. The urine may contain blood and have a strange scent of violets, and there

    may be a feeling of heaviness in the region of the kidneys. Juniper is also used separately as a stimulant for the uterine muscles and to ease menstrual pain. It is usually given as a tincture rather than in tablet form.

    Symptoms Better : None known.

    Symptoms Worse : None known.

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