Test # 189

I usually take a ________ to work so I can clean my teeth thoroughly after I have eaten my lunch.

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    General game rules

    The referees should be in complete control of the game what they say goes. They give signals to inform you of their decision. These are shown later on.Free throws are indirect you cannot shoot directly at goal.Free shots are direct you may shoot directly at goal (you do not have to).For both free throws and free shots, the player taking the throw shot must present the ball by holding it above their head. If you do not do this you may be penalised with a free throw to the opposition.

    A free throw or shot may be taken either at the site of the foul or where the ball lies when the foul is committed. This is at the discretion of referee, who will decide which position best advantages the attacking team.Players have five seconds in possession of the ball. This is explained in more detail later.

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