Test # 166

I really can't tell what's ________ .

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    The Maoris

    The M?ori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. Being the first settlers of New Zealand, they had made quite a reputation for themselves by virtually consuming all unwelcome guests until the 18th century. They believed devouring their enemies flesh made them stronger by acquiring their strength and combat skills. They had been known to practice cannibalism during warfare. In October, 1809, a European convict ship was attacked by a large group of Maori warriors, in revenge for the mistreatment of a chief s son. The Maori killed most of the 66 people on board, and carried dead and alive victims off the boat and back to shore to be eaten. A few lucky survivors, who were able to find a hiding spot inside the mast of the boat, were horrified as they watched the Maori devour their shipmates through the night and in to the next morning.

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