Test # 149

Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a ________ rag to a bull.

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  • Benefits of Kale

    Antioxidant Related Health Benefits

    kale has been studied more extensively in relationship to cancer than any other health condition. This research focus makes perfect sense. Kales nutrient richness stands out in three particular areas: (1) antioxidant nutrients, (2) anti inflammatory nutrients, and (3) anti cancer nutrients in the form of glucosinolates. Without sufficient intake of antioxidants, our oxygen metabolism can become compromised, and we can experience a metabolic problem called oxidative stress. Without sufficient intake of anti inflammatory nutrients, regulation of our inflammatory system can become compromised, and we can experience the problem of chronic inflammation. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammationandand the combination of these metabolic problemsandare risk factors for development of cancer. Weve seen research studies on 5 specific types of cancerandincluding bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancerandand intake of cruciferous vegetables (specifically including kale). As a group, these studies definitely show cancer preventive benefits from kale intake, and in some cases, treatment benefits as well.

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