Test # 140

Well ________ ! This is a very good piece of work.

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    Over And Under

    As its name indicates this gun has two barrels aligned horizontally and stacked vertically. There is usually one trigger however some models have two. Within this type there are three subgroups of specification: trap, skeet, and sporting. Trap guns are generally heavier and longer barreled (normally 30 or 32 in or 0.76 or 0.81 m) with tight choking and designed to shoot slightly above the point of aim. Skeet guns are usually lighter and faster handling with barrel length from 26 to 28 in (0.66 to 0.71 m) and with fairly open chokes. Sporting models most often come with an interchangeable choke facility and barrel lengths of 28 in (0.71 m), 30 in (0.76 m), and 32 in (0.81 m) according to preference.

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