Test # 134

Am I going in the right ________ for the post office?

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    Sasyk Sivash Lake Ukraine

    Within walking distance of the resort city of Evpatoria Sasyk Siwash Lake was once a bay of the Black Sea but over time there was a sand berm separating Sasyk from the sea.
    Sasyk Siwash is the largest salt lake in the Crimea. Currently the area of ??this natural sights of the Crimea is about eight thousand acres and the length from the sea to the north east corner is 15 kilometers width 11 kilometers. Imagine what a great expanse for eco tourism!

    This lake is very popular as a source of pink salt and mud for which the tourists here and ride. Many people buy their children tickets to the children s summer camp Kakadu to children rested on this lake. Even in ancient times people hunted here salt. But from the 15th century the lakes of the Crimea with Sasyk Siwash used as sources of salt which is harvested.
    Despite the great utility of the lake here is the problem and purely environmental. It consists in the fact that apart from salt water in Sasyk Sivash is still fresh. The salinity of the water is increased and fresh respectively decreases.

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